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Written Update Yeshu 6th January 2021

The Episode starts with Aashiya apologizing to Yeshu. Yeshu says you shall apologize at the right time Aashiya. He sees jeevan’s eyes black. Shaitaan tells Jeevan that he can’t harm yeshu when he is with his family and asks him to attack him when he is not with his parents. Jeevan says I understood and goes. Yeshu looks on. Aashiya tells Joseph and his brothers that they have done a mistake and want to apologize to him for their mistake. After sometime, Maria asks what will you do now, as Aashiya and yakub have done wrong and my son is punished. Joseph says they will be punished. Yeshu says if they are punished, then I shall be punished too. Mary asks what is your mistake? Yeshu says they accepted their mistake on my sayings. Mary says this is a good thing. He says if they are getting punished then I shall be punished too. Joseph says ok, all three of you shall forward their hands. Maria asks Joseph to leave Aashiya as she is small. Aashiya says even I have done a mistake. Joseph takes the stick in his hand. Aashiya, yeshu and yakub close their eyes. Maria thinks for the first time, Yeshu will be punished, this is all I wanted to see. Joseph keeps a coin in their hands and says you deserve reward for telling truth. He asks them to go to market and buy whatever they want. Aashiya says we shall complete the work for which we are rewarded. They bring the Chair which they made for Yeshu.

Yakub asks Yeshu to sit on the chair and says nobody can make fun of you and it will not make any sound. Yeshu sits on the chair happily. Yakub says Yeshu is looking like king of kings on this chair. Mary prays for yeshu’s happiness. Yeshu comes out with Aashiya and Yakub. Shaitaan asks Jeevan to go and fulfill his mission. Jeevan goes to the market. Yeshu comes to the shop and asks for apple and orange, like Aashiya. She tells that Mary Tai ji likes kaddu and says she will bring it. Shaitaan asks Jeevan to go to Aashiya and says if you pull her then the kite will be pulled towards you. Jeevan comes to the shop and tells the shop keeper that he is taking the bottlegourd and asks him to take money from his father. Aashiya says it is for my Tai ji. Jeevan pushes Aashiya and she falls down. Yeshu comes there and tells that they don’t want the bottle gourd. He says we are going back. Jeevan attacks yeshu and asks what do you think of yourself.

Aashiya sends Yakub to call Mary. Jeevan asks do you want to complain to my father about me and asks him to beat him. Yeshu says I don’t want to beat you and I know that you also don’t want to beat me. Jeevan acts and holds Yeshu’s hand, asking him not to beat him. Shaitaan controls Jeevan and makes him fall on the stone and then in the water tub. Yeshu is shocked to see the water turning red. Jeevan dies and closes his eyes. Everyone sees his death. Yakub comes to Mary and asks him to come to the market. He says Jeevan started fighting with yeshu again. Aashiya asks Jeevan to open his eyes. Shaitaan controls everyone, witnessing his death and asks them to raise voice against Yeshu. They all tell that Yeshu has killed Mukhiya ji’s son and says beat him. Aashiya says come home bhaiyya. Shaitaan says thousand hands will be raised to pelt stones on him and now this God’s son will know that Shaitaan’s power is big than him. The people picks the stones to throw on him. Aashiya says we didn’t do anything. Mary comes there and asks them to stop, asks what are you doing? She says will you throw a stone on a small boy. The people tell that Yeshu has killed Jeevan. Mary is shocked and thinks what wrong has happened? She says this can’t happen, Yeshu can’t hurt anyone, he just knows to shower love. The people tell Yeshu has pushed Jeevan and made him fall on the stone. Mary asks Yeshu if they are saying truth. Yeshu looks at her. Mary says my son is innocent, I know my son very well. She says if he had done any mistake then he wouldn’t have seen in my eyes. She says he has no guilt in his eyes, but sadness for Jeevan. She says if you want to punish him, then punish me, as the responsibility to teach him good or bad is mine, so punish me. Shaitaan asks the people to pelt stones on Yeshu..

Shaitaan says he will punish Yeshu some other time and says until Jeevan’s death drama will go on, Yeshu will be troubled and I want this. He frees everyone from his magic. They drop the stone from his hand. Mary signs yeshu not to feel bad and asks him to come. She thinks to take yeshu from there, before the crowd gets crazy again and thinks to inform Mukhiya about Jeevan.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Written Update Yeshu 6th January 2021

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