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Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9thFebruary 2021

The Episode starts with Kartik saying sorry from his side, he had a misunderstanding. Sirat asks how can be get mistaken like that, don’t tell me that even you got mistaken. Nani asks her to stop questioning now. She asks him to have food. He says no, I m getting late. He gets Manish’s call. Manish asks where are you. Kartik goes to talk. Sirat says at least give me a chance to vent my frustration. Mukesh comes with some buyers and shows the house. He argues with Sirat and Nani. Kartik says Kairav will be happy to see Dadi after a long time. He hears the argument going on. Sirat asks how dare you talk to Maudi like this. Mukesh says you aren’t saying anything now. He says Sirat was going to run away with a guy at night, don’t ask me which guy, get her married, else don’t tell later. Mukesh pushes her. She falls aside and gets hurt.

Kartik kicks Mukesh. Sirat looks on. He asks how dare you raise hand on a girl. Mukesh asks who are you. The men ask Mukesh to handle it. They go. Mukesh asks were you running away with this guy. Kartik scolds him. He says I know the DCP, shall I call him, you will get arrested for crime against women. Mukesh says I will see you both, you have to stay here, how long will your bodyguard stay. Kartik and Mukesh argue. Sheela comes and asks Mukesh not to get into police matters, he has a match tomorrow. Mukesh says that’s why I didn’t beat him. He goes. Kartik asks Nani not to worry, no one will trouble her. He calls his lawyer to help them. Sirat looks on. Kartik asks Nani to keep lawyer’s card, call him if she wants to ask anything. Nani blesses him. He leaves.

Surekha says Dadi refused to come before, what happened now that…. Dadi comes and says I also want to know why I m called home. She blesses Suwarna, Surekha and Rhea. Surekha introduces Rhea. Dadi says I left responsibility on you two, what did you do that you couldn’t handle Kairav, why did he call me, he said he has seen his mum in the hostel, he was crying a lot, think of his sorrow, I came for him.

Sirat angrily cries. Nani comes to console. Sirat says we have to fight alone always. Nani says I understand, I felt that its imp that we have a man in the house. Sirat says no, we will be each other’s support. Nani hugs her. Sheela says Sirat was with that guy in the fair. Mukesh asks what. She says let me handle this my way. Dadi asks for Kairav. Everyone calms her down. She asks did anyone find about that girl. Manish says we have sent Kartik to find out. She says you should have gone to check, if that girl resembles Naira, then what will Kartik go through. She prays for Kartik. Kartik says maybe I dropped the key there. He goes to find the key. Sirat comes and gives the keys. He gets hurt again. She says sorry. He says thanks. She says thanks for helping me, I m enough for such people, but you didn’t know it, its okay, remember it. She asks where is your wife. He recalls Naira. She sees Nanko puncturing the tyre. She shouts. Nanko runs away. Kartik looks on. She says I will call the mechanic, you can sit inside. He says its fine, I will wait here. She says mechanic won’t come so soon, better you sit inside, Maudi will feel bad if you wait here. She calls the mechanic. Nani serves food to Kartik. He says I already had it. She says I wanted to serve you well since the day you dropped me home. He says I have troubled you already, I think mechanic will come. She asks didn’t you like the taste. He says its food, will I get a tissue. Sirat says this isn’t a hotel. He says okay. He eats the food.

He asks who was that man. Nani says forget it. He says you can tell me. Nani says he is my relative, he gets a buyer every month to sell my house. He says but this is your house. The light goes. Rhea tries to impress Dadi. She makes Dadi’s fav food. Dadi sees Suwarna. Surekha asks did you tell Dadi about Rhea. Suwarna says no. Dadi says I used to eat all this before, I have changed the diet in ashram, I m just having satvik food. Rhea says its fine, you can tell me, I will make it. Surekha says Rhea loves cooking, she made kachoris, Kartik and Kairav had it. Rhea asks Manish to use her designs in collection if he wants, Kartik liked it. Manish says we will use it after formally hiring you. She says thanks for the support, I m lucky. She thinks once Dadi gets set, then it won’t be a trouble to convince Kartik. Kartik says I will go now, mechanic will be waiting. Sirat gets a call. She says what…. Kartik looks at her. She says mechanic said he can’t come today, an oil tanker turned upside down on the highway, that route is closed, you have to make arrangements to stay somewhere. Nani says you stay here. He says I will go to some hotel. She says you don’t need to worry, you can stay here, I won’t stop you tomorrow. He thinks why is fate playing this game with me.

Kartik cries shouting Naira. Sirat asks her friend to search for Kartik. Her friend sends her some pic. She gets shocked.

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Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9thFebruary 2021

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