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Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th February 2021

The Episode starts with Sirat saying sorry, I had to get Maudi along. Kartik says sorry for the garland, its good you got her along, give me the bag. Kairav makes Sirat wear garland and says thanks for patching up with dad. She sees Naira’s pic. She greets everyone and says I m Sirat. Kartik says you are saying secret missing name, its okay, we will call you Sirat, I m very happy today, can we celebrate this festival well to welcome Sirat. Kartik says you all know Sirat, Amma is Sirat’s Nani, she will stay here. Nani says I came uninvited, actually… Sirat says she isn’t well, so I couldn’t leave her alone. Dadi asks about the luggage. Sirat says its our habit to take the luggage along. Gayu says so what, this house and family, everything is yours. She hugs Nani and goes to make food. Kartik asks them to come, staff will get the luggage. Vansh greets Sirat. She stumbles at the stairs. Suwarna asks her to be careful. Sirat thanks her.

Bandhan aise….plays… Vansh says Naksh would have got happy if he was here, Kairav will never fall ill. Manish says why did they get so much luggage if they came for some days. Dadi and everyone discuss. Rhea says maybe they will feel like host and we feel like guest in some days. Suwarna says maybe they are helpless. Dadi says Sirat could have asked us, she has got her Nani, Suwarna you started sympathizing with her. Manish says Kartik said that she will go in few days, we shouldn’t get habitual to painkillers. Dadi says remember, she isn’t Naira, she just looks like Naira. She asks the servant to keep things in the garage. Rhea thinks Surekha would have provoked Dadi against Sirat more, I have no hope from Suwarna.

Kairav says that’s Sirat and Kartik’s room. Kartik looks on. Kairav takes them. Kartk recalls Naira. Sirat says Maudi had an operation, doctor asked me not to leave her alone at night, I have to be with her. Kairav says sorry. kartik signs thanks. Kairav asks Maudi’s name, what shall I call her. Sirat says ask her. Kairav asks Nani what to call. Nani says whatever you want. He says pretty lady. Nani says my name is Kalavati. Sirat says pretty means lovely. Nani says yes, I also like you. Kairav hugs her. She says you are a nice man like your dad. Kartik says come, I will show the room. Nani says its a beautiful room. Kairav says this room is close to mine, right Sirat. Sirat says yes. Kartik says get ready, I will check if the breakfast is ready. Kairav says get ready well, its a festival. Kartik takes him. Sirat asks Maudi to take rest for sometime. Nani says why didn’t you tell them why I had come here. Sirat asks what could I tell them, Sheela cheated us.

She recalls some goons coming home and punching Rohan. Sirat shouts who are you. The men throw the stuff outside. She asks who are you, what do you want. Mukesh comes and says I have to throw some people out of this house, just go away. Nani asks hiw did you get this house. Mukesh says ask Sirat, she signed the papers, she sold this house, she loves you a lot, she did this for your treatment. Sirat says he cheated me and didn’t give any money. Nani says you just had this house. Sirat says your life is imp. Mukesh asks them to leave. Nani and Sirat scold him. FB ends. Nani says they will misunderstand us if you don’t tell them. Manish and Kartik argue. Manish says they shall stay in outhouse, family isn’t comfortable, they are different than us, they have a different place. Kartik says they came here to help us. Manish says you already paid 7 lakhs. Kartik say she didn’t ask for money, I have paid it myself.

Manish asks why did she get her Nani here. Kartik says its good. Rhea says not a good sign, Kartik and Manish have issues since Sirat came. Kartik asks shall I shift Kairav outside. Manish says why, she can spend time with Kairav here and then go out. Kartik says we can’t compromise on their dignity, we invited them here, a change has come, Kairav has called her Sirat, not mumma, what we thought will happen, we can adjust for few days, I promise there won’t be any problem. Rhea says sorry to say this, that girl has plans to stay here for long. Suwarna goes to see Kartik. Manish says Kartik can’t think of this, he is emotional about Kairav.

Sirat says let them think what they want. Nani says Kartik’s heart shouldn’t be hurt. Sirat asks did I have any other way, we had no time, we had to come here for Kairav. Nani says tell Kartik when you get a chance. Sirat says fine, I will tell you. Nani says you used to feel bad when anyone had pity for you. Sirat says I felt it today, everyone was looking at me like I came to beg them, don’t know why was Dadi angry. Nani says just think of their sorrow. Sirat says I have to throw out these thoughts. Gayu collides with Kartik. Kartik says sorry and picks Naira’s saree. Gayu says I m going to give this to her. He says please, she isn’t Naira. She says she is Naira for me. He says she isn’t Naira, we have no relation with her. She says one day, you will call her Naira. She goes.

Kartik and Sirat fly kites. Sirat falls into a water tub. Kartik laughs. Sirat smiles and calls him a frog. He looks at her shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th February 2021

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