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Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd February 2021

The Episode starts with Kartik saying sorry to say all that in anger. Sirat says I also said sorry, can I do something for you. He asks can you come with me… Nurse comes and asks them to get medicines for Nani. Kartik goes. Manish asks what happened to Kairav. Doctor says I will talk later. Sirat asks Rohan to stay if he can, she is getting medicines. Rohan says I will go after you come. Sirat says operation happened but I m worried for Nani. Kartik says Kairav…. She asks Kartik to stop the car. She goes to buy medicines. The man says give me hospital name and room number, I will send the medicines, don’t worry. Sirat says thanks. Kartik says I took their card, we can call them if the medicine doesn’t reach on time. He thinks Amma is fine now, I can ask her to come along, Kairav isn’t fine. He sees Sirat away and goes to her. Sirat says I have made a mannat for Maudi, you can also write your wish and make a mannat. He writes that Kairav gets fine. Sirat gets dizzy. He says Amma will get fine, you have to come with me to Udaipur. Sirat says sorry, I didn’t hear, my head is aching. Kartik says Kairav is unwell. Sirat says Maudi is unwell, she will get fine.

He gets a call. He sees Kairav. Manish says Kairav is not well, doctor said that girl has to be here, get her somehow. She faints. Kartik lifts her and takes her in the car. Kartik prays for Kairav. He drives. Its night. Sirat gets up and says sorry, I fell asleep, did we get Maudi’s medicines. Kartik says yes.

She asks where are we going, Udaipur, why, answer me, can’t you tell me, where is Maudi. He shouts my son needs you. She shouts stop the car, I don’t want to go with you, how dare you take me away from Maudi, when she is ill, she is in the hospital. He says Kairav is also ill, he is also at the hospital, he needs you. She scolds him and says you know I m not Kairav’s mum, don’t act innocent, you got Maudi’s operation done to favor me and convince me, I won’t come in your words.

She opens the car door. He stops her. They reach the hospital. He asks her to meet Kairav. She refuses. She says you want to take me there as governess, your Dadi came to me with money, I refused to her so you came here, you need my face. He says please come with me, Kairav needs you. She says Maudi needs me. He says Kairav is dying, come with me. She says you kick me out and then plead me to come. She pushes him. She says you cheated me, you gave money and tried to buy me. He says no, I did just humanity, save my son’s life, come with me. She refuses and sits on the car top. She says you got me here because I wasn’t conscious, now touch me if you dare. Manish calls Kartik. Kartik runs inside the hospital. Sirat gets angry. Kartik sees Kairav’s state and falls down. He says my son….

Dadi asks where is Sirat, call her. Kartik says she didn’t come, I told her a lot, she won’t come to save him, you all pray for him. Sirat asks about the bus for Jaisalmer. Kartik apologizes to Kairav and cries. He says you are a fighter, you are a lioness’ son, Papa is waiting, you have to get fine. Doctor asks him to stay out. They all get shocked seeing Kairav’s heartbeat falling flat. Yeh rishta…..plays….

Sirat says I will teach a lesson to Mukesh and Kartik, everyone. Doctor tries to revive Kairav. Sirat comes and holds Kairav. She says look, mumma has come, you wanted mumma right, see I have come, open your eyes now, sorry I got late, get up Kairav. Everyone looks on. She asks Kairav to get up for her sake. Kairav’s heart starts beating. He gets conscious and sees her. He says mumma. She hugs him and says my son. He sees Kairav and calls him. Kartik hugs him. Rhea, Gayu and others come. Rhea gets shocked seeing Sirat. Doctor asks them to let the kid rest for some time. Sirat cries and goes.

Dadi says if the garland falls from a guy’s hand into a girl’s neck, then their relation gets fixed. Kartik throws the garland. It falls in Sirat’s neck. Kairav shouts mumma has come.

Update Credit to: Amena

Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd February 2021

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