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Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd February 2021

The Episode starts with Mukesh asking Sirat to take the decision fast. Sirat recalls Nani and signs the papers. He checks the papers. He stops her from taking the money and throws her out. He says I got the house and also the money, you keep your Maudi with you. He shuts the door. Sirat shouts open the door, I won’t leave you. Sheela looks on. Mukesh smiles. Sirat asks him not to drag Maudi in their fight. She asks Sheela to tell Mukesh to give money to her for Nanko’s sake. She says your mum is dying there, what will you do, I will do whatever you say, don’t punish Maudi, say something, I just have Maudi with me, please save her life. Sheela says give the money, we got the house. Mukesh says you decide what you want, your mum or me.

Sirat says I m ready to beg to you and leave boxing, please give me the money. Mukesh asks her to leave, the decision is already taken for the match. Sirat leaves. Rohan asks the man to take 60000rs and start the operation. The man refuses. Rohan scolds him. Sirat gets beaten up in the match. She recalls asking the man for 5 lakhs. He says you have to get much beaten up. She says I will take the punches, don’t let me die, I have to take the money to the hospital. The man says Sirat can’t take the money to the hospital if she gets much beaten up. Sirat falls down. The man signs to end the match. Sirat goes and gets the money. The man asks her to do the aid and run away. The police comes to arrest them for betting. The man doesn’t give money and goes. Sirat says my money…. The girl asks her to go away, else she will be caught. Sirat goes out and sees that man leaving on the bike. She asks him to give the money. She says my luck was bad, I won’t let anything happen to Maudi. She comes in front of a car. She falls down.

She wakes up in the hospital. She insists the nurse to remove the drip. She goes to check Maudi. She sees the nurse putting white cloth on the patient’s body. She shouts Maudi and gets dizzy. Kartik holds her. Sirat sees someone else in her place. She sees Kartik and recalls getting hit by his car. She scolds him. She says I was running after that man who was going to give me money, what enmity do you have with me, I was arranging money for Maudi’s operation. He holds her to support. She says leave me, I don’t want anyone’s support.

She says I will not leave you if anything happens to Maudi. She goes to look for Maudi. She stumbles. He holds her. She shouts get away. She goes. Surekha says Kartik asked us to keep that girl away from Kairav, now he went to get her. Suwarna asks what can Kartik do. Gayu says if he agreed to me and Kairav…. Suwarna asks her to stop it, she isn’t talking sensible thing. Vansh asks Krish will Kairav get fine. Rhea thinks I wish that girl doesn’t come here, else my chances will get less. Sirat sees Nani treated and fine. She asks doctor is Maudi fine. Doctor says no, operation is done and she is fine. Sirat asks how did this happen. Nani says Kartik paid the bills, he arranged this room and everything. She asks what happened, did anyone tell you anything, he is a nice man. Kartik gets the injections. He asks Nani/Amma how is she now. Nani blesses her. He says I m just a human who has made mistakes, don’t praise me much, I m not any God, don’t worry, I should go now. Doctor says you can stay back. He says I m scared of injections. He goes. Nani asks Sirat to say sorry to Kartik. Kartik talks to Manish on call.

He says no, I didn’t talk to her yet. Manish says you have to get that girl on time, Kairav is sleeping, before he realized his mumma is not here, you have to get her. Kartik asks how shall I ask her to leave her Nani and come with me. Manish says you have to get her. Sirat comes and says sorry. Kartik drops his phone. She says sorry. Their head collide when they bend to pick the phone. She says sorry. Manish says that girl has to come, I know my son, he can do anything when its about his child. Sirat apologizes to Kartik. He says its okay. She says you know the pain of losing dear ones, right. He nods. She says sorry to freshen up your wounds, I didn’t hurt anyone intentionally, I say sorry in heart when I hurt any opponent in the ring, I will pay your money in instalments. He says no need. She asks what do you need, I will give what you need. Kairav’s state gets bad. Manish worries. Kartik says actually….

Manish says Kairav isn’t fine, get that girl soon. Kartik takes Sirat in the car. He says my son needs you. She shouts stop the car. He stops the car. She starts to run away. He asks her to please come, his son needs her. She pushes him away.

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Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd February 2021

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