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Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th February 2021

The Episode starts with Kartik saying we decided to not talk about Sirat today. Dadi says Naira is always with us, I just want to see how much that girl resembles Naira. Kartik says Kairav and Gayu miss Naira and thought so. She asks what about you, didn’t you get into an illusion. Sirat recalls Sheela and gets angry. She punches the opponent. Dadi says there is a reason behind everything. Sirat thinks I don’t know the reason, wrong has happened with us. Sirat knocks down her opponent. She wins the match. Rohan says great, you have won the fight today. Sirat recalls her failure before and Mukesh’s taunts. Nani asks Nanko to do work if he wants to have pizza. He says yes, don’t tell mummy. Sheela comes. Nanko runs. Sheela gets sweets. She says the guy’s family is ready to accept Sirat by forgetting everything, have laddoo. Nani scolds her. She says you don’t remember Sirat’s birthday, you got laddoos for your own motive. Sheela says its not a big issue. Nani says you insulted Sirat but that stranger helped us, get out of my house. Sheela goes. Nani says bless Sirat that she gets rid of such a mum.

Sirat says I have to dance in your baraat also. Rohan says great. The man announces a medal, certificate and 2000rs reward. Rohan says I m very hungry, we should go and have food. Sirat and Rohan leave. He insists her to come. She sees a boy and says that boy… She says sorry, I thought its Kairav. Rohan says you didn’t forget Kairav. She says and his pain. They see the beautiful angel decorations.

Kartik and family come there. Rohan says this restaurant was close, so I got you here. Manager sees her and says Naira madam has come. He greets her and congratulates her. Vansh asks shall we go in. Kartik says not now, let everyone come. Kairav asks did mumma come, I will meet her and get her new phone number. Sirat says I think its costly place, we will go somewhere else. Rohan says you are a star for them now, maybe they give us complimentary dessert or icecream. Manish and everyone come. Kartik says everything is done, thanks for coming. Kairav says I m waiting for mumma. Rhea says come in and tell me how is the decorations. Rohan and Sirat get shocked seeing Naira’s huge pic banner with greetings. Rohan thinks I told them to do a little bit, but they did a lot. Sirat asks how did they get my pic. He says I gave your passport pic, maybe they used filters, I told them to make birthday special, they did a bit.

She says this doesn’t look a little bit. Her wish chit flies away. Everyone comes there. Kartik gets the chit stuck on his shoe. He picks it and reads. Rohan says you have become a star on your birthday. Sirat says I can’t digest this, my heart always broke on my every birthday, something used to happen that my happy birthday became sad, Maudi used to cheer me up. Rohan says don’t say anything. She says I feel strange, I don’t feel scared of happiness. She smiles. Manager says welcome, your guest and madam… Rhea stumbles. Kartik holds her. She says my leg is getting stuck in the gown. Kartik asks are you okay. Gayu says you should have worn something else. Rhea says its a special day. Gayu says its Kartik and Naira’s special day. Surekha asks Rhea not to feel bad, she looks beautiful, gown colour is Kartik’s fav. Kairav says when mumma will come, she will wear dad’s fav colour. Kartik thinks just Naira’s memories will be here.

Akhilesh gets a call and goes. He says I will just sort out the factory issue and come. Gayu says the gown is ready, its a surprise for Naira. Kairav says mum will look pretty in it. Sirat sees the gown and asks what’s this. Rohan thinks its too much, its rented costume. He thinks what’s happening. Kartik and everyone come there. They see Naira’s pic. The lady asks Sirat to come with her, she will show the way to the dressing room. Sirat goes. Everyone gets emotional. Kartik thinks I wish I can explain Kairav that Sirat isn’t you. Kairav thinks I wish I can explain dad that its you only. Rhea asks how did you like all this, I told you I will do it according to Kartik and Naira’s love story. She asks how did you like it Kartik. He says good. She smiles. The men remove the curtains off Naira’s pic cutouts. Everyone smiles. Dadi says I feel Naira is between us. Naira wears the gown. He says its perfect fit, like its made for me, Maudi would have prayed a lot, thanks Maudi. Kartik sees the cake. Aahatein….plays…. He recalls Naira and writes Kaira on the cake. Sirat dances happily.

Kartik speaks a few words on Naira. Sirat says I have to go and see him. Kartik says this is the surprise. They all get shocked seeing Sirat.

Update Credit to: Amena

Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th February 2021

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