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Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th February 2021

The Episode starts with Kartik seeing Naira’s pic. He sees Kairav making Sirat’s sketch. He says you are in Kairav’s heart but Sirat is in his eyes, how shall I tell you, that you are a feeling, you are our past, present and future, tomorrow is a Kaira day, Kairav should just remember you, not Sirat, just your love, I have to do something. Sirat says mum is imp, if she isn’t there, life doesn’t stop, we have other relations, I have you and Kairav has his dad. Rohan jokes that Sirat will give pravachan if she fails in boxing. Sirat asks why won’t I win, my punch… Nani says sarpanch is also scared of your punch, be determined. Sirat says I m determined to win, I will come back. Nani says stay there, tomorrow is the day of your victory and birth. Sirat recalls her childhood. She asks why did you remind me the birthday, its not a day of happiness, Sheela didn’t get happy, did you forget it. Nani says no. Sirat asks why not, you had saved my life, I don’t want to celebrate. Nani says we will celebrate it when you come here. Sirat says you guys celebrate, I won’t party. He says we will decide later. Nani says maybe its last party of my year. Sirat cries.

Kartik says yes, party, I want to celebrate Naira and my wedding anniversary. Everyone gets shocked. Kartik says Naira and I always did things differently. Dadi says there is a difference between different and strange. He explains them. The family looks on. He says its a big day of our life, we got married, we had promised to stay together, what’s our mistake if Lord separated us, lets celebrate it for Kairav’s sake at least, its imp to keep Naira’s memories alive in his heart. Sirat thinks I have to explain Kairav that I m not Naira, I shouldn’t meet him. Rhea says Kartik is right, tell me how to celebrate, we don’t think of the day before thinking of Lord, why to think when we miss family member. Gayu, Lav and Kush also support Kartik. Sirat dips her head in the water tub. She thinks tomorrow, I have to win the boxing match and never step back, I m Sirat, neither anyone’s daughter nor mother. Kartik thinks we will celebrate anniversary, we will wish Naira. Manish asks are you thinking about Kartik’s words about Sirat, tell me, what wrong did I do, explain me. Dadi worries. Manish says Kartik isn’t able to remove Naira’s memories from heart, Kairav thinks Sirat is his mum. Dadi says I don’t know if there is any sign that Naira and Sirat got the same face. He asks what do you mean. She says I can’t express it. Rohan and Nani wish Sirat. She cuts a pastry. Kartik plays Naira and her videos on screen. He makes a smiley on Naira. He wishes her happy anniversary. Yeh rishta….plays….

Nani asks Sirat to smile like she wears her boxing mouthpiece. Sirat smiles. Kartik smiles seeing Naira on the screen. Kairav gets the party invite. He smiles and says we will be celebrating the anniversary. He reads the venue, Udaipur royal club. Kartik gets party clothes for him. Kairav hugs him and says its your anniversary, mumma will come today, thanks, it will be fun. Kartik thinks you will never miss Sirat from now, our paths crossed by mistake, we have to keep Naira’s memories alive, it will be just our day, Sirat won’t be related to it.

Sirat comes to Udaipur boxing club for her boxing match. She recalls Sheela. She says what’s the need to celebrate birthday, I just want to focus on my fight. Rohan says we got the entrance pass, come. Sirat goes. Everyone is ready. Rhea says all the arrangements are done like you wanted, you are superb, Naira was lucky, my husband didn’t even remember my anniversary date, any way I think the day will be amazing. He thanks her. Kairav asks did you call mumma, will she come on her own. Kartik says no, its a surprise. Gayu says Naira loves surprises. Kairav shows the embroidered boxing logo on a kerchief. He asks will mumma like it.

Sirat has Kairav’s kerchief in her hand. Kairav says if she likes this hanky, I will make tshirts and caps for her. He asks Rhea aunty, did you tell everyone about the party venue. She says yes. Red balloons come over Sirat. Rohan says the universe wants to celebrate your birthday. Sirat says its a sad day for me. She removes the balloons. She doesn’t see Kartik and Naira’s banner there. Kartik says I think we should leave now. They leave. Sirat goes to make a wish. She writes a note and puts up there. Kartik is on the way. He says Kairav looks normal after many days. Dadi says I want to meet that girl. He asks who. Dadi says one who came to our house, one you both thought as Naira, what’s her name. Rohan says we got this dress in time, win over inner conflict first and then this external fight. Sirat gets ready for her boxing match.

She recalls her childhood moment. Sheela was about to throw the baby, but Nani takes the baby. Sheela abandons the baby. Sirat imagines Kairav hugging her and Kartik looking at her from far. Her imagination ends. The match announcement is mad. She thinks I have some connection with that kid, we both lack our mothers. She cries.

Rohan says you have become a star on your birthday. Kartik says I want to celebrate Naira and my anniversary. Everyone gets shocked seeing Sirat.

Update Credit to: Amena

Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th February 2021

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