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Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th February 2021

The Episode starts with Nani asking why are you showing your pic, where did you get these clothes, where did you click this pic. Sirat says Udaipur. Nani asks when did you go there. Sirat says this is Kartik’s wife, some months back, she fell down the cliff and died. She cries and recalls Kairav and Kartik. Nani asks how do you know. Sirat says Rohan told me, he has checked on the internet. Nani asks how can you both have similar face. Sirat asks did I have any twin sister. Nani says no, I was there with Sheela and Daai when you were born. Sirat says why is this happening with me. Nani says think what are Kartik and Kairav going through seeing you. Kartik sees the angel bracelet and recalls Naira. Sirat says Kartik didn’t tell me anything, he was hurt seeing me. Nani says he hugged you and came here, I know why. Sirat says I can understand, sorrow finishes a person. Yahan wahan….plays…

Kartik gets a call. Manish asks where are you, I was trying to call you, come back home. Kartik says yes, I m coming home, I had lost the way, I m coming back to my children and family. Sirat recalls them. Kartik says I m leaving everything here, I m going back to my family. Sirat says I have behaved badly with them, what would that kid think seeing me, the fate did wrong with us, at least my mum is alive, his mum has…. Nani asks what will happen if you meet him, you aren’t his mum. She says I know, they both know it, Kartik knows it at least, I can explain Kairav that I m not his mum, I wish to go right away to meet that kids. Kartik leaves. Sirat thinks I m coming to Udaipur for your sake. Its morning, Kartik says this is my house, we have our children here. Sirat punches the bag. She says I can’t forget Naira’s face. Kartik says I won’t let Kairav worry more, I will teach my children to stay happy with Naira’s memories. Sirat says I have to meet that kid. Kartik scares Dadi. Dadi says oh God. Kartik says I always do this and even then you get scared, not fair. She asks what happened to you. He says nothing. She asks about Sirat, is she like Naira. Everyone looks on.

Kartik says I got this ghewar for you all from highway stall, Maa can you serve this, it looks the same, but everything is different, Naira and that girl are very different, face may resemble, but not her nature, Naira lives in my heart, not anywhere in Jaisalmer, Papa promise me, we will never go to Jaisalmer, I will talk to Kairav, no one else will talk. He goes. Suwarna says that girl… Manish says you just heard him, he has thought about it, don’t talk about that girl or try to meet her.

Kartik comes and sees his kids. He wakes up Kairav by tickling him. He hugs Kairav. They laugh. Kairav says you didn’t tell me before going. Kartik says what shall we do, its bad, come with me. Sirat’s friend comes to her. He asks what are you doing. She says I can’t forget that face, why is this happening, dad used to say that 7 people in the world resemble each other, I wanted to see some girl who look like me, I got a big shock. She goes and helps Nanko. She opens the box. She offers more cookies. Nanko gets scared and runs. Her friend asks are you fine. She says no, until I apologize to Kartik and Kairav.

Kartik says I have something for you and Vansh. He gets some dolls. Vansh says same for us. Kartik says its similar. Kairav asks what’s the difference. Kartik asks him to see carefully and know the difference. He says you got confused seeing the boxer girl, she is different, I have stayed in her house, I know it. Rhea hears them and says how can anyone be so similar, he didn’t tell anyone that that girl is similar to Naira. Kartik says she isn’t your mumma, we have Lav and Kush in our house, we know they are twins, sorry, I m breaking your last hope, we have to accept this, we won’t go there again, I just hope that no one comes here from there.

Sirat opens the gate. Gayu sees her. She says Naira has come, I knew Naira will come. Sirat runs away. Gayu says Naira has come. Vansh tells them that Kairav isn’t around. Kartik worries.

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Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th February 2021

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