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Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th January 2021

Rudra suggests Preesha not to get worry as they together will handle if Mahima does anything. He kisses her forehead and leaves. At Khurana House, Mishka and Ahana get ready to go out. Mahima asks if they are going out. Mishka asks if she has any problem. Mahima says she has something to show, then they can go. Balraj walks in asking Mahima why did she message him and call him here, followed by Sharda. Preesha enters with Yuvraj next. Ahana yells at her if she so shameless to return here again and bring a loser with her. Yuvraj warns her to mind her tongue as even he can insult her. Preesha asks Mahima if she called her here to get insulted. Rudra walks down asking Mahima why did he call him down and seeing Preesha and Yuvraj asks what are they doing here as he cannot tolerate their face. Mahima says she knows and called them for some special reason. Preesha says to meet Saransh. Mahima asks if she already met Saransh last night or not. Balraj asks when did Preesha come as there was party last night. Mahima says Preesha had come last night with Yuvraj disguised as Santas. Balraj asks they both as Santas. Mahima says she had warned Preesha not to come, but she came as Santa, so she called her here to expose her lie. Rudra acts and asks how can they come here. Mahima says even he lied and let them in saying 2 Santas were booked by mistake, she cross checked with party planner Yogesh. He asks if she is out of her mind, why would he let them in if he had known its them, they came disguised as Santas and believed that they said. She says he would have cross checked with Yogesh. He asks why should he and when they all couldn’t identify them, how can he; she should stop blaming him, especially in front of liars. She says she will not spare them both, Preesha betrayed even her sister and whatever wrong is wrong; asks Preesha if will tell she came here as Santa or should she call police and get her arrested. Rudra gets tensed thinking their plan backfired and Mahima found it out. Mahima continues yelling that she is ashamed of Preesha and if she had informed her, she would have let him meet Saransh; she must have come with some hidden agenda, so she should tell why did she come last night. Mishka says she must have come to steal, so Mahima should call police and file a complaint.

Preesha asks her to call police and let them know they are alleged wrongly. Mahima asks if she had not become Santa. Preesha says she had become Santa to go somewhere else and not here. Ahana says she is lying. Preesha says she will file counter complaint against whole Khurana family and warns Ahana to mind her tongue and prove if she had come here. Ahana says she is alleged instead, so she should prove that she didn’t come here. Preesha says she will prove it right now and shows a video where she and Yuvraj dance with ill kids in hospital. She reminisces walking with Yuvraj on road thinking akka got suspicious and would do something. Yuvraj seeing her tensed asks reason and panics hearing about Mahima doubting her. Preesha takes him to hospital and records video of them dancing with kids. Out of flashback, she asks Mahima that she can check video’s date and time and should stop alleging her wrongly. Yuvraj thinks even he should do some drama and asks if their mouth is shut now. Rudra reacts. He hits Rudra back and warns to dare not touch him again as he was tolerating his physical assaults for Preesha, but now Preesha is with him and he will not tolerate it anyone. He walks away holding Preesha’s hand.

While driving car, Yuvraj praises Preesha for her preplanning everything and teaching Mahima a lesson, now he feels proud to call her his wife. She says fake wife and scolds him for his overacting and arguing with Rudra. She thinks she should meet Rudra and calm him down. Rudra confronts Mahima for creating a drama and calling Preesha here even after knowing how much he hates her and wrongly alleging Preesha while she herself is wrong. Mahima asks to listen to her once. He shouts to shut up and shouts that Yuvraj argued with him so much and he had to see Preesha’s face again because of her. Balraj warns Mahima to think well before creating this kind of drama again. Mahima thinks how can she be so careless and where did she fall short. Rudra thinks Preesha preplanned really well, he gets her message to meet her outside Khurana house at 12 midnight to discuss further planning.

Precap: Arjun promises Preesha to expose Mahima’s truth in front of everyone. Preesha reaches Khurana house and tells Mahima betrayed everyone and calls Arjun to prove it.

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Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th January 2021

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