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Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd February 2021

Rudra and Preesha see fans discussing that Rudra/Bhuvan was right here and left. One says his shirt tore and a piece is stuck at PCO booth. Preesha finds shirt piece and says he must have come to call akka/Mahima. She redials last time and hears Mahima asking if its Bhuvan as he called from same number. Rudra says he must have gone to meet Mahima and they need to catch him before Mahima kills him. Preesha asks they don’t know where akka called him. Mahima drives car fuming that Yuvraj didn’t do this job and just needs money. She calls him. He picks call thinking she must have found out that he didn’t do her job. She yells why didn’t he follow Preesha when she sent her location. He says he did, but was caught by policeman for breaking signal. She continues yelling. He says he will do her job for free today. She asks him to reach her sent location as she called Bhuvan at a nearby mountain. He thinks of informing Preesha. Mahima sends him location. He calls Preesha and she shouts why did he call her. He says to inform that Mahima is meeting Bhuvan. She asks where. He says near highway mountain and forwards her Mahima’s sent location. Preesha informs Rudra and police and they rush towards the spot to stop Mahima from killing Bhuvan.

Mahima reaches the spot and waits for Bhuvan yelling. Bhuvan reaches there running, short of breath. She asks if he informed anyone about her. She says he didn’t and didn’t tell even his name properly, he set fire into washroom and escaped via window. She gets him water and asks why didn’t he leave city when she ordered him to. He says he was about to leave the city tonight, but Preesha caught him before that; he will go wherever she wants him to. He starts coughing and choking and asks what is happening with him. She says he wanted her to send him to the safe place, so she gave him poisoned water and is sending him out of the world; she is doing this to save herself and he has to die for that. She continues blabbering. He tries to strangulate her, but falls down throwing froth from his mouth. She walks away smirking and wishing him good bye.

Preesha with Rudra, Ahana, and police reaches the spot and sees Bhavan unconscious. Constable rushes and says he is about to die. Preesha says he is poisoned and they need to save him by getting poison out of his body. She asks inspector to bring salt water. He brings it and she feeds Bhuvan. Bhuvan vomits. Preesha says good poison is out and he can be alive till they reach hospital. Inspector calls ambulance and says it will reach in 5 minutes. Preesha says Bhuvan is crucial evidence and they need to save him at any cost. Yuvraj reaches there and starts his jokergiri as usual. He asks if Mahima came here and stands shocked seeing Bhuvan unconscious on floor. He continues drama. Preesha asks him not to inform Mahima that Bhuvan is alive. He says Mahima will definitely call him to find if he disposed off Bhuvan’s body. Mahima video calls him just then and asks if he found Bhuvan. He says Bhuvan is lying dead on floor. She insists to show his dead body. He shows. She asks him to burn and hide it before Preesha reaches there, thinks before Preesha does anything, she needs to transfer whole Khurana family property in her name. Yuvraj informs Preesha that Mahima wants him to burn Bhuvan, record the video and send her. Ambulance reaches and wardboys pick Bhuvan in stretcher. Ahana asks them to keep it down.

Precap: Mahima gets a message that he knows her secret and to meet him at the sent location. She reaches and shouts to come out. Rudra comes in front. Mahima nervously says he should be in jail. Rudra says he is Bhuvan. Later, Rudra and Sarfansh cry in front of Preesha’s dead body.

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Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd February 2021

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