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Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd February 2021

Rudra with Preesha, Ahana, and inspector meets truck driver who agrees that he had dropped Rudra home and he was in a very bad condition. Rudra says he remembered truck number, so he took inspector’s help and called him here. ahana asks if he can remember the place he found himself awake. Rudra says not exactly, but knows direction. Preesha asks him to take them to the place. He takes them to the place. Ahana asks if he is sure. He says yes. Preesha asks if he remembers how and who brought him here. Rudra says he just woke up here. Ahana says there are only 2 routes seen here, Preesha says one may lead to a locality. Inspector says they will divide themselves and walk on both routes. Preesha and Rudra reach a market. Preesha asks if he know this place. Rudra says he came here for the first time. Ahana and inspector also reach same spot and they search place around. Ahana says they cannot understand anything. Preesha sees God’s idol and prays for help. Inspector says let us check further. Preesha sees chole bhature stall and tells them that god showed them a way. She walks to chole bhature stall and orders one. Ahana says she has lost it, if anyone wants to have chole bhature. Preesha tells Rudra this may be the same chole bhature as there is no other shop around. She feeds him and he says this is same chole bhature which he used to eat. Ahana praises Preesha. Stall owner mistakes Rudra as Bhuvan and asks why did he come so early today as he comes around 3 p.m. daily. Preesha asks if he knows him. Owner says he is regular customer and comesa round 3 p.m. daily, but came early today. She asks if he comes here yesterday. He says yes. Rudra says he was telling her same and asks Preesha to pay him. Preesha does and says fake Rudra may come here even today. They all hide. Rudra says he wants to catch his father’s murderer and punish him.

Bhuvan comes at 3 p.m. and orders chole bhature. Stall owner says he gave him just sometime ago. Bhuvan gets confused and tries to leave. Police stand spectators, but Rudra rushes and catches him and warns him to dare not run away. He says he is exactly same like hm. Inspector finally warns Bhuvan to dare not try to run away. Rudra trashes Bhuvan for killing his papa and vents out his anger. Inspector stops him and offers Bhuvan to lessen his punishment if he helps them catch Mahima. Bhuvan stands silently. Inspector asks him to take him to the place where he kept Rudra and punches him. Preesha asks him to shoot him and act as he was running away, so inspector had to shoot him. Inspector loads gun. Bhavan gets afraid and agrees to help them.

He takes them to a place where Rudra was kept. Rudra says this is the same place where he was kept. Inspector asks who is he. Bhuvan says he is Bhuvan. Inspector whom he is working for. Bhuvan says he can’t. Preesha says they know its akka/Mahima and asks inspector to arrest Bhuvan. Inspector asks Preesha to file complaint against Bhuvan and free her husband from all allegations. Preesha agrees. Inspector orders constablees to handcuff Bhuvan. Bhuvan thinks of escaping and says he needs to go to the washroom. Constable warns that he will escape, but inspector permits and asks constable to guard him outside washroom. Bhuvan burns a few papers inside washroom and escapes via window. They all panic seeing smoke coming out of washroom. Inspector knocks door. Preesha says nothing should happen to Bhuvan. Constable breaks the door open. and sets off fire with water. Rudra says there is no one here. Preesha sees window open and says he escaped via it. Bhuvan runs. They all search him. Preesha finds him and informs Rudra. They both follow him. He hides in a grocery shop. They try to enter shop, but owner stops them. They say a murderer entered his shop. Owner agrees to let them search the shop. Inspector asks them to search somewhere else. Bhuvan thinks he is trapped and silently escaping again reaches PCO, calls Mahima, and informs Mahima that Preesha got him caught by police, but he escaped. She panics, says she will send him to a safe place where nobody can reach, and asks him to meet her at a nearby mountain. He agrees. Mahima gets angry that Preesha found Bhuvan, but she has to reach Bhuvan now before Preesha reaches him again. Bhuvan gets out of PCO when fans mistake him as Rudra and throng him. Rudra and Preesha hear youngsters rushing to see rockstar Rudraksh and follow him. Fans takes selfies with Bhuvan, but he escapes before Preesha and Rudra reach there.

Precap: Mahima take fake Rudra to jungle and kills him by giving him poisoned water, thinks its Preesha’s turn next. Rudra and Saransh cry in front of Preesha’s dead body.

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Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd February 2021

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