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Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th February 2021

Preesha asks nurse to give her Rudra’s file who had visited hospital a few days ago and got stitches. Nurse says file is not present at first, but then gives it later. Preesha checks file and says she got proof now, Rudra’s blood group is O+ and doppelganger’s A+, she didn’t know akka/Mahima would stoop so low, she will defeat akka in her own game. She reaches police station and showing report to inspector explains that her doubt was right, Rudra’s blood group is O+ and doppelganger’s A+, its proved that doppelganger killed Balraj. Rudra hearing that asks inspector to free him and catch the real culprit. Inspector says its not that easy as nurse may back off and lie that she wrote A+ instead of O+ by mistake. Rudra asks why would nurse do that. Inspector says culprit can do anything to save himself, when he can buy a big hospital, he can even buy nurse, Saransh gave evidence against Rudra and is a sole evidence, even murder weapon has his fingerprints. Rudra says there must be some way out. Inspector says there is only one way like his wife said to catch real culprit and hand him over to police.

Bhuvan asks Mahima what should he do next. She says now she will take over Khurana empire as its old MD is dead and new in jail. Bhuvan says he asked what he should do next. She says he has to hide and not come in front of anyone or else she will lose. Bhuvan says he understood that he is a doppelganger and killed Balraj and real one is in jail. She thanks him for reminding her again and asks him not to come out from hideout till she orders him. He agrees. She thinks he doesn’t know that she used him for her benefit. Once she leaves, Bhuvan thinks he used her instead for his benefit, he came in front of her car and requested a job, he is using her since the beginning and will continue to use her.

Mahima meets Yuvraj who calls her guru maa and asks from where did she find Rudra’s doppelganger; he needs doppelganger of Sharda, Preesha, appa, amma, and everyone. She nervously shouts what rubbish. He says Rudra was pleading that he didn’t kill his father and was kidnapped for 10-15 days, Rudra can do anything but not kill his father, she played a good game. Mahima nervously says again he is talking rubbish. He says he will go to Khurana family and meet their lawyers. She gets tensed. He asks her to money to keep his mouth shut. She gives him money and leaves.

Next morning, Preesha thinks she should inform appa everything as he may try to stop akka. She checks her clothes in cupboard and is shocked to see money bundle there. She thinks Yuvraj stays in her room and he must have kept the money. She reminisces Sharda giving Mahima same money bundles and realizes that Yuvraj is working for Mahima and he deleted video from her mobile and informed Mahima about their every move. Yuvraj enters. Preesha shows him money and asks if he was helping Mahima and told their every plan to her. Yuvraj says she is mistaken. She says she sought his help for Saransh, but he helped Mahima instead and because of her Mahima won always and even killed Balraj via doppelganger. She continues confronting him and kicks him out of house. Mahima enters and asks what is happening. Preesha says she found out that Yuvraj was helping her, now she will expose them both and send them to jail. They both laugh and say they will get Rudra killed in jail. She realizes that she was imagining and think she cannot let Rudra die in jail, if she tries to expose Yuvraj and Mahima, they will get more evidence against Rudra. She packs her bags. Yuvraj enters and asks where is she going. She leaves without answering him. He thinks where is she going.

Mahima meets company’s board of directors and insists them to make her company’s MD in Rudra’s absence and she promises to give them better profit than Balraj and Rudra. Ahana with Mishka enters and asks what is happening here, why did she call a meeting without informing her. Mahima says she will become company’s MD in Rudra’s absence. Ahana says she is there for that as Balraj had appointed as one of board of directors for that. Mahima says he is current MD’s wife and its her right to take over him in his absence. Ahana and Mishka warn her to be in her limits. Mahima says they are staying and living here for free and are nothing in this house, so they should shut their mouth and know their limits. Board of directors ask Ahana to stop her drama and appoint Mahima as company’s MD.

Preesha informs Rudra that Yuvraj was helping Mahima, so she could always win over him. He panics and says they should punish Mahima. Preesha says she is not finding a way for that. Ahana enters saying they got a way now, she will help them punish Mahima in papaji’s murder case.

Precap: Mahima informs Ahana that Balraj transferred his wealth in Saransh’s name as he is his grandson and Rajeev is Saransh’s father. Ahana is shocked to hear that. Preesha says only doppelganger can help them find evidence against Mahima. Ahana says if doppelganger looks exactly like Rudra, Mahima must have done his plastic surgery via some plastic surgeon. They reach plastic surgeon’s office and question if he did doppelganger’s plastic surgery.

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Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th February 2021

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