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Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th February 2021

Mahima tells Doppelganger Bhuvan that his crocodile injury will heal and will leave a mark, so she needs to inflict an injury at the same place on Rudra. Bhuvan asks if she will get him bitten by a crocodile. She says its none of his business, she will first go and make use of Balraj’s death in her favor. Further, Bhuvan makes stitches on Rudra and asks Mahima if stitches are looking same to same. She says Rudra is facing for his foolishness. He says these stitches are nothing in front of the punishment she will give him. She says she will let him rotten in jail forever and asks him to send Rudra to their decided location and hide for sometime. She then how she punished Balraj for insulting her. Bhuvan reminds how he pushed Balraj down when he slapped him. Mahima says his one act made whole family hate him, especially Sharda; Balraj in frustration changed his will and kicked out Rudra as they planned. He says exactly as they planned. She says everything was going well, but Balraj caught them red handed. She goes into flashback where Bhuvan sees Mahima awake till midnight and asks if she is celebrating her success. She asks where was he. He says in real Rudra’s office and describes how they forced Balraj to change the will into Saransh’s name and now Mahima will enjoy all his inherited wealth. Balraj wakes up and walks towards living room to have water. Mahima describes that her final plan is to take over Khurana family’s whole wealth and kick them out out of house. Bhuvan describes how she changed a poor man into Rudra completely. Mahima says his acting is superb as even family couldn’t identify him. Balraj walks to them saying they cannot trick anymore and tells Mahima that Preesha and Rudra were right regarding him, he trusted Mahima blindly. He slaps Bhuvan repeatedly asking how dare he is to take his son’s place and make him change his will. He warns Mahima that he will expose them both and fail their plan. He tries to call commissioner. Mahima tries to stop him, but he pushes her away. She signals Bhuvan to pick a knife and stab him. Saransh wakes up feeling fear sleeping alone and walks towards Rudra’s room when he sees Bhuvan stabbing Balraj repeatedly. He hides shivering in fear. Mahima asks Bhuvan to get Rudra’s fingerprints on murder knife and goes to check if someone is present. Saransh hides and shuts his mouth. Preesha walks in next. Bhuvan walks to unconscious Rudra and wiping his own fingerprints on knife takes Rudra’s fingertips. He blabbers that he took revenge by killing Rudra’s father and putting all blame on him. Mahima waits for Bhuvan’s signal when family gathers around Balraj’s dead body and silently walks out where Bhuvan gives her murder knife and she drops it nearby Balraj’s body thinking now Rudra will be caught in his father’s murder. Out of flashback, Mahima celebrates with Bhuvan with a champagne and thinks poor Preesha lost and everything is finished now.

In Jail, Preesha tells Rudra that nothing is finished and she will not let akka/Mahima win. Rudra asks how will she do all this, doppelganger became company’s MD, he is in jail and property is in Saransh’s name, that means all property is Mahima’s legally now. She says there must be some way to trap Mahima and asks if he can remember where they had kept him. He says it was a small room where they used to inject him and give him chole bhature; Mahima did so much to them and they can’t even touch her, why did this happen to them. He angrily hits his hand on table, and it starts bleeding. Preesha opens bandage and asks how did he get stitches on his hand. He says he doesn’t know. She says akka is so ruthless and crossed all her limits. He asks what does she mean. She says same stitches are on doppelganger’s hand after he fought with crocodile. He says its done to clear the difference between real and fake Rudra. She says to prove that Rudra killed Balraj, Mahima doesn’t care if someone does to fulfill her goal. He shouts she should get him out somehow, he will punish Mahima for murdering Balraj. She says there is no other way, then says there is one way, but she doesn’t want to give him false hopes and let her do what she can. He says she is his life and thanks her for trusting him or else he would have ended his life trying to prove his innocence to her. She hugs him emotionally and says until she she is alive, nothing will happen to him. He says I love you. She says I love you too and she will return soon. He says he knows she will not keep quiet until she gets him out of jail.

Precap: Preesha kicks Yuvraj out of her house when she finds money in Yuvraj’s cupboard and realizes that he was helping Mahima. She informs same to Rudra who is shocked and says she wants to punish even Yuvraj. Ahana says she will help them to get Mahima punished. Mahima informs Ahana that Balraj transferred his property in Saransh’s name as Saransh is Rajeev’s son.

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Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th February 2021

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