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Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th February 2021

Rudra confronts Mahima for torturing Saransh. Doppelganger hits his head from behind and he falls unconscious on floor. Mahima closes door. Doppelganger asks if he did right. She says yes and asks him to give Rudra injection and hide him. He speaks in his usual style. She asks him to speak in Rudra’s style. He does and promises not to speak in his old style. She says she made him Rudra completely and changed his life. He says yes. She says its time to execute her plan and if he obeys her, he will not be on road again or else.. He says he will do whatever she says. She asks him to take Rudra to their decided place and replace him in this house. Doppelganger changes his clothes with Rudra’s and hides Rudra in a cupboard. Out of flashback, Mahima tells Doppelganger that she gave him Rudra’s face and he is a very talented actor, he is staying in Khurana house since Lohri night and nobody doubted him. Doppelganger says he didn’t let even Preesha doubt her and acted exactly like Rudra in front of Preesha. Mahima remembers how Preesha saw her and Doppelganger in bed and ran away shattered, she records video and leaks it in social media to destroy Rudra’s career and whole Khurana clan. Doppelganger says he wlll accompany her downstairs. Mahima warns him to act as sleeping. He asks what about Rudra. She asks him to take him to their decided place. Out of flashback again, Mahima says she made Preesha believe all that. Doppelganger says he had to act a lot to convince Preesha, Preesha loves Rudra a lot. Mahima says real Rudra will be in jail forever for the mistake he didn’t do.

Preesha tells Rudra that she will send Doppelganger and Mahima to jail for sure. Rudra asks how can Mahima bring his Doppelganger. Preesha says Doppelganger is his exact copy and acts exactly like him, they all were forced to believe it was him. Rudra says how did Mahima plan such a big conspiracy. Mahima tells Doppelganger that her brain and his acting made it possible. She continues how they played the game and made everyone believe that he is real Rudra. Doppelganger says her father GPS was very angry and reminisces the incident where GPS. Mahima says she doesn’t invest on injured horse and his acting was superb. He says it was difficult to convince Preesha and reminisces the incident where Preesha walks on road after seeing Rudra with Mahima and then he tries to convince her that he was not in his senses, then GPS with Yuvraj takes Preesha away. Mahima reaches later. Doppelganger asks how as his acting and touches her shoulder. She warns him to be in his limits and asks him to hide real Rudra at their decided place soon.

Doppelganger further reminds how he stood outside Preesha’s room and acted as collapsing, then following Preesha even after court restriction orders, Preesha sending him to jail, he acting as committing suicide by consuming calcium pill but Preesha realizing it, etc. Mahima reminisces how she used Yuvraj and how she enjoyed wearing Ahana’s dress, how Balraj reacted seeing Rudra in jail, etc. Doppelganger reminisces how he bought hospital to provoke Balraj against Rudra and how he threatened staff not to inform Balraj about it. Mahima praises him and asks him to make sure Preesha doesn’t return home tonight, he agrees, she thinks now she will do what Preesha cannot think, etc. Doppelganger further reminisces how he took Preesha to jungle and how crocodile attack them which was out of their plan. Mahima says he should have let Preesha die. He says he should have and got scolded by her, he also got stitches after crocodile bite. They both continue reminiscing rest of the events and plan to inflict same injury on Rudra’s hand.

Precap: Preesha checks Rudra’s hospital file and finds that Rudra’s blood group is O+ and Doppelganger’s A+. She shows it to inspector who says this proof is not enough and she should catch Doppelganger and bring it to him. She then finds out that Yuvraj is helping Mahima and drags him out of her house.

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Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th February 2021

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