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Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th February 2021

Sharda asks inspector to arrest Rudra/murderer and take him away. Rudra asks how can she think that he can kill his papa, she should touch her heart and think if he can murder his papa. He asks Preesha to explain maa that he cannot do that. Inspector tells him that he has to arrest him in Balraj’s murder case. Rudra resists and takes Saransh’s oath. Sharda says Saransh himself told that he killed Balraj. Rudra is shocked to hear that. Sharda says Saransh saw him stabbing Balraj till he died. Rudra tells Saransh that he is not here since 10-15 days, then whom did he say. He asks GPS, Vasu, Ahana, Mishka to support him and blames Mahima that its all her plan; she got him kidnapped. He frees himself and strangulates Mahima. Constables drag him away. Preesha thinks if Rudra is telling truth that he wasn’t here since lohri night, then who was present here. Rudra pleads Sharda to trust him. Sharda says her heart trusted him, but her eyes saw him hitting his father. Rudra asks when did he do that. Sharda asks if he forgot that he pushed his father on floor, forcefully became company’s MD in his place, and then killed him. Rudra says Saransh is confused. Sharda says why would he and asks inspector to take him away. GPS tells Sharda that sunset is nearing and they need to perform Balraj’s last rights soon. Rudra pleads inspector to let him attend his father’s funeral and then take him wherever he wants. Inspector agrees.

Pandit ji starts Balraj’s last rights and asks if he has a son to perform his last rights. Rudra says he is Balraj’s son and will perform his last rights. Sharda stops him and says a murderer cannot perform her husband’s last rights, so he should go away from here. Rudra says he is Balraj’s son. Sharda says his relationship ended when he killed his father. Rudra cries that he didn’t and pleads not to give him such a big punishment. Sharda gets adamant. Rudra asks who will perform last rights then. Sharda says Saransh, Balraj’s grandson. She asks Preesha to bring Saransh and tells panditji that he is Balraj’s grandson. Panditji teaches Saransh to perform last right. After last rights, everyone walk away crying. Rudra asks Preesha why did she also not trust him once and left his support. Preesha says her heart trusts him, but her eyes saw him changing recently and even Saransh saw him murdering his father, she helplessly is forced to believe like maa that he is not the one whom she loved. She walks away thinking why her heart is not believing that he is a culprit. Serial’s title track plays in the background.. Rudra cries vigorously while police arrests him and takes him in jeep.

Back home, after performing remaining rituals, Mahima asks Preesha to go home and take even parents along. Preesha says she will not go leaving Saransh alone. Mahima says she is with Saransh. Preesha says its a big reason and she will stay with Saransh. Mahima continues yelling and says who is she to decide if she will stay here or not. Sharda says this is not only her house, Balraj used to take decisions and in his absence she is the elder of this house and will take decisions, whoever wants to stay in this house will have to obey her. Mahima says she always obeys her, but she always takes Preesha’s side. Sharda says its about Saransh and he will decide whom he has to stay with. She asks Saransh whom he wants to stay with. Preesha asks him not to be afraid and tell whom wants to stay with. Saransh hugs her and says he wants to stay with her. Preesha says they will go to his grandparent’s house. Mahima says Preesha can’t as she has right on Saransh’s custody. Sharda says Mahima is right and after losing her husband, she wants Saransh here. Ahana thinks Saransh is not Sharda’s real grandson, then why is she insisting so much. Sharda requests Preesha to stay with Saransh. Vasu also asks Preesha to stay here to support Sharda emotionally. Preesha agrees. Vasu asks Sharda to call her if needed and leaves with GPS and Yuvraj. Preesha gets an emergency call from hospital and informs Sharda. Sharda asks her to go while she takes care of Saransh. Preesha asks Saransh to be with Daadi and leaves, leaving Mahima fuming.

Precap: Preesha sees Rudra’s sign different on documents, goes and checks his back mark and says he is her real Rudra. Rudra asks if someone else came in his place. She says yes. Fake Rudra is seen laughing with Mahima./strong>

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Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th February 2021

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