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Written Update Shakti 9thFebruary 2021

The Episode starts with Parmeet asking Isha if this is needed. Isha says if it was not needed then I wouldn’t have allowed this. She tells that since 6 months, he has become much violent. Parmeet sees Doctor getting ready to give him electric shock. Virat shouts asking them to leave him. Parmeet asks why is he doing this? Isha says he is in trauma, we have to take this extreme step so that he forgets old memories and becomes normal. Parmeet cries. Virat says I have to go and search my Heer. Heer takes out Virat’s pic and asks did you see how much Maa trust me? She says why am I keeping her in dark and says if she comes to know about my truth, then she will be shock. She says I can’t give her pain and thinks what to do, shall I tell truth to Maa? She decides to tell entire truth to Beeji and keeps Virat’s pic in the drawer. Kuhu holds her Pallu and cries. Heer takes the baby in her hands and asks why did you stop me, why you don’t want me to say truth to Maa.

A fb is shown, Dr. Akshay’s wife is in the hospital and signs Heer to bring her daughter. Heer takes the baby in her hands. Dr. Akshay’s wife tells Heer that the irony of her daughter is that her mother is leaving her and her father’s family will not take care of her. She tells Heer that she is leaving her daughter on her trust. Fb ends. Heer tells Kuhu that her past will never come between them. Doctors give the electric shock to Virat. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Parmeet and Sant Baksh cry standing outside. Virat takes Heer’s name in his heart, which is heard by her. She gets up restless. Dil kyun teri ore chala re plays…..Virat is still undergoing the shock therapy. Heer gets restless and says why my heart is going towards you, I have left your world and have seen Isha with you. She hopes he is fine. Virat says Heer in his heart. Heer tells that why is she feeling that he is in pain. She recalls and a fb is shown, Virat’s hand gets injured and Heer senses and runs towards him. Virat asks how she felt his pain. Heer says we are two bodies, but one soul. Fb ends. Heer thinks she is worrying unnecessarily, as Isha is with him. Virat gets unconscious, but still takes Heer’s name.

Archana looks at Heer’s pics and says she wants her clear pic. Jaggi asks why? Archana says she has a clear feeling that there is something wrong with Heer. She asks how did Heer learn kinnars’ song? Jaggi says this thing hit my mind too and asks what is she doing with her pics. Archana says we will take Heer’s pic to the basti of kinnars and get some clue about her. Dr. Akshay hears them.

Heer is watching Khichdi video in her mobile and tells Akshay that she is making khichdi for Kuhu. Heer asks do you want to say something. Dr. Akshay says we have a understanding relation and says if she wants to share something about her past then can tell. Heer gives him coffee and says let my past be your past. Dr. Akshay says I will not know, but bhaiya and bhabhi are going to kinnars basti with her pic. Heer gets shocked and says let them go, they will not get any information about me and their doubts will end. Dr. Akshay gets doubtful.

Isha checks Virat. Parmeet asks what do you want to say that he will never be fine. Isha says he will be fine if he wants, but he don’t want to be fine. She says we have to give him injection to keep him in sleep, as he wants Heer and she is dead. She asks how to bring the dead person back. Parmeet recalls seeing Heer in the house. Virat says Heer in unconscious state. Isha says I love him so much and if find Heer anywhere, then I will beg and plead infront of her to return in his life. She says Heer can’t return and that’s why we have to pray to Mata Rani.

Heer is feeding food to Kuhu and asks what to do, if bhaiya and bhabhi come to know about my truth, then I have to leave you and this house. Kuhu hits on her stomach. Heer gets an idea and thanks Kuhu.

Precap will be added when available.

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Written Update Shakti 9thFebruary 2021

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