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Written Update Shakti 8th February 2021

The Episode starts with Anirudh calling his brothers to play a game. Bondita looks on and smiles. She wants to go out to them. She recalls Sampoorna’s words and shuts the window. She goes back. Mami thinks I know Anirudh is playing this game to bring Bondita back, I won’t let this happen. She makes Anirudh fall. Anirudh gets hurt and bleeds his hand. Bondita prays for his safety. Sampoorna comes to her and stops her. She shows some box and smiles. Bondita looks at her and shuts the door.

Bondita says I have to go away from the house, Anirudh is bearing all this because of me, I will leave from here forever, I will never come back here. She cries and packs the bags. Bihari does the aid to Anirudh’s hand. Anirudh gets sad that Bondita didn’t come. Bondita looks at him and thinks I can’t let your life fall in danger because of me, that’s why I m leaving the house now. She leaves the house and cries. Sumati gets conscious. Bondita comes near the old school. She says I feel peace here like I used to feel in mum’s lap. Sumati tries to get water. Bondita comes near the door. Sumati reaches the water jug. Bondita shouts is anyone inside. She pulls the door. She gets something to break the lock. She picks a stone to break the door. Sumati comes near the door. Bondita breaks the door. She opens the lock and throws it. Sumati faints down.

Sampoorna comes and stops Bondita. She asks what are you doing here. Bondita says there is some sound coming from inside, there is someone who wants to come out. Sampoorna says Bondita, did you go mad, maybe its rats, I don’t want to step inside the house. Bondita says no, I have to check inside. She runs inside the house. Sampoorna acts to get hurt and falls down. She says its because of the curse, anyone can get this deadly disease. Bondita says I don’t want anything to happen to my dear ones, I will leave the house. Sampoorna thinks Anirudh will reach the village to find her and know the matter. She asks Bondita not to go anywhere. She says we will go home and then I will explain you, come.

Mami asks what, Bondita reached there. Sampoorna says Sumati fainted, so they couldn’t talk. Mami says everything could have gone wrong, if Bondita knows that she is getting fine, then she will get her lost confidence and strength, its better that you get the keys of the house. Mama says Sumati got conscious, but I put her to sleep, I have handled it. Mami says go and handle Bondita, do something that she gets kicked out. Sampoorna comes to Bondita and fools her. She says you have to make a sacrifice for our benefit, then you will get rid of this curse. Bondita takes rest. Sampoorna asks are you ready to give a sacrifice for us. Bondita says but I have nothing to sacrifice. Sampoorna says you have it, your sarees and jewellery, you can leave all this, you can give away the locker keys, it will be the biggest sacrifice, you can save Anirudh and family from sorrow, don’t you want to save his life, don’t you want your family to be happy. Anirudh comes and calls out Sampoorna Maa. Sampoorna gets shocked.

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Written Update Shakti 8th February 2021

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