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Written Update Shakti 25th February 2021

The Episode starts with Heer asking Virat if he is listening and asks how it would be, if I will become a normal woman from being kinnar. She says I will become your wife then and can stay with you. She says Doctor said that I can get normal after surgery. Isha gets shocked and hears her. She says nobody can stop them from uniting then and gets worried thinking she will lose Virat. Dr. Akshay gets a call from Jaggi. Heer asks sleeping Virat if he heard what she said. She imagines starting her married life with Virat…She imagines Virat telling that nobody can stop them now…He lifts her and takes her to bed. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Just then Dr. Akshay comes to Heer and tells her that he has to go home, as fire is caught in Kuhu’s room and she is locked inside. He says Bhabhi is trying to open the door and it is locked. Heer says she will come with her. Virat holds her hand in unconscious state and calls her name. Dr. Akshay asks Heer to manage here and come later. He goes. Heer tells Virat that she has to go now and will be soon return. Parmeet comes there and asks where is she going? Heer says Kuhu is Doctor’s daughter and is trapped by the fire. Parmeet says all family members look after her, you don’t need to go. Heer asks what kind of mother you are and says Kuhu and Virat are both important to me. She says only Doctor and I take care of her. Parmeet threatens to expose her truth infront of Kaul family. Heer says in that case, I will not come back to treat Virat and then you shall see how you treat him. She goes.

Jaggi plans with Archana and asks her to throw water on the switch board, and pretend as if fire is broke out, when Akshay comes there. Archana says then Akshay will forgive me for sending Heer to the goons. They see Akshay and Heer coming back home. Archana takes water bottle and drops oil on the floor mistakenly. She throws water on the switch box and the fire is lighted due to the short circuit, and the oil catches fire all around the room. Heer and Akshay come inside. Archana shouts for help. Jaggi asks Servant to bring the cylinder to set off the fire. Heer jumps in the fire and saves Kuhu. Dr. Akshay jumps in the fire to save Archana and takes her out of room. He then sees Heer and Kuhu caught in fire. He jumps inside and saves Heer and Kuhu. The Servant sets off the fire. Kuhu cries. Akshay checks her and says thank God, she is fine. He asks Heer, if she is fine? Heer says yes. Dr. Akshay thanks Heer for saving Kuhu and putting jacket on her face, and the smoke didn’t went to the lungs.

Jaggi asks why did you put so much water. Archana asks if Akki will forgive me? Akshay comes there and asks how is bhabhi? Jaggi acts and tells that Archana got burn marks while saving Kuhu. Archana acts and tells that she is bad etc. Heer comes there and tells that I know whatever you have done with me, due to her anger. She says she has seen how much she loves Kuhu and risked her life. She forgives Archana and tells that she will leave from there forever. She asks her not to worry. She tells Akshay that she has to go and meet Virat. Dr. Akshay asks her to stay back as he talked to the surgeon about her. Heer says then who will take care of Kuhu. They get thinking. Heer gets an idea and tells that someone can take care of Kuhu, more nicely than me.

Precap will be added later when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Written Update Shakti 25th February 2021

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