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Written Update Shakti 23rd February 2021

The Episode starts with Heer asking Virat to handle himself and says I am your Heer. He imagines Heer standing far and asking him to safe her. Heer asks Isha why Virat is not seeing her. Isha says may be, that incident left a big effect in his mind. Parmeet asks Virat where is he searching as Heer is here. Virat pushes Parmeet and looks for Heer again. He imagines her again. Sant Baksh says Heer is here. Virat pushes everyone out and also pushes Heer out and locks the door. He shouts asking Heer where is she? Everyone knocks on the door and asks him to open the door. Virat says Heer….you can’t drown and died. Heer knocks on the door and tells that she is his Heer and returned for him. Virat asks where are you Heer? He breaks the things in the room, while everyone knocks on the door. Heer looks on.

Preeto and Harak Singh return home. Harak Singh asks Preeto if she thinks that Heer can treat Virat. Preeto says don’t know, but she got trapped in the pit for what she staged the death drama. Rohan hears them and asks if their Heer is alive. He gets emotional. Heer knocks on the door asking Virat to open the door. Isha asks Heer to leave and says you are done for today. Heer brushes off her hand and says where? She says I will not go anywhere from here and asks why are you asking me to go, he is my husband. She says I left him for everyone’s happiness, and he landed in this condition, and says if I don’t treat him then I will become his guilty. She says I will not leave my husband and will not go from here. Isha is taken aback and looks at Parmeet. Heer knocks on the door and asks Virat to open the door.

Dr. Akshay comes to the PS and asks Inspector to file the missing complaint. He shows Heer’s pic and asks him to search her. He says Munna is the eye witness. Inspector calls Daljeet and informs him. Daljeet asks him to bring him home.

Heer asks Virat to open the door and asks Isha if she is seeing his condition, says you want me to leave him in this condition. Virat shouts Heer.

Rohan asks Preeto, why did they hide this fact from him and says why did you send her there. He says they will use Heer for Virat’s treatment and then throw her out. He says he will go and bring her back. Preeto says neither you nor we will go. He says we had made her dance as a puppet and says now let her take her own decisions. She says Heer can’t leave Virat in this condition, let’s see where destiny takes her. Rohan hugs him.

Sant Baksh asks him to open the door. Parmeet cries. Heer also asks him to open the door. She thinks of going through the window and goes out of the house. Just then Inspector brings Dr. Akshay to Sant Baksh’s house. He says this is Akshay ji and he filed the complaint. Heer comes out and sees the pipe. She climbs up the pipe. Akshay asks Inspector why did you bring me here? Daljeet says no report will be filed. Dr. Akshay says I am talking with you so nicely and you are misbehaving with me. Sant Baksh says I am DSP and this is my son Daljeet, an Inspector. Akshay says Heer is kidnapped and they are not filing the complaint. Sant Baksh sends Inspector out and tells that Heer’s missing report will not be filed, as I got her kidnapped. Akshay asks why? Sant Baksh says Heer is our bahu and this house needs her. Akshay is shocked. Virat sits down. Heer comes inside the room through the window and looks at the messed up room. Virat says Heer got drowned and died, I couldn’t save her. He says my Heer don’t know swimming. Heer comes near him and calls his name. She says I am your Heer, I have returned for you. He looks at her.

Akshay says Heer had left from here, so that she goes away from you all and Virat. He says what happened that made you kidnapped your bahu. Sant Baksh says it is my house matter. Akshay says DSP and Inspector are doing illegal thing. Daljeet asks him to go out and holds his collar. Akshay asks him to leave his collar and says I know civilians rights. Virat looks at Heer. Heer says I am your Heer, I have returned for you. Virat holds her neck and says my Heer died because of you, you didn’t let me save her. Parmeet shouts asking him to leave Heer. Heer says I am Heer, remember me. Parmeet gets worried that Virat will take her life. Isha says I asked her to leave, but she wanted to stay back. Parmeet says don’t you understand we have to think of controlling him.

Dr. Akshay twists Daljeet’s hand. Daljeet says I will arrest you. Akshay says you don’t know who my mother is and who am I? He says I will just make a phone call and will get you both suspended. Parmeet comes there and asks Sant Baksh to come, says Virat might kill Heer. Akshay is shocked and says if Virat will take her life. Daljeet calls someone. Virat throws things on Heer. Heer says I am your Heer. She gets hurt. He holds a vase and is about to throw on her. She holds his hand and asks him to listen. It falls down. He then pushes her, picks the vase and throws at her. She moves back and stands shocked.

Precap will be added later when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Written Update Shakti 23rd February 2021

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