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Written Update Shakti 16th February 2021

The Episode starts with Virat running out of the house…Tu hi mera khuda plays….Parmeet and Isha try to stop him. Parmeet sits down crying. Isha asks her to handle herself. Virat runs on the road. Heer comes out of the hospital and sits in the car. Beeji calls Archana and asks her to make juice and paratha for Heer. Dr. Akshay comes to the car. Beeji asks him to sit. Dr. Akshay drives off the car. Virat comes to the hospital and sees Heer going in the car. He shouts Heer and runs behind the car. Heer doesn’t hear his voice. Dr. Akshay looks at Heer while driving the car. Virat continues to run. The car stops at the signal. Virat comes near the car, just then car starts again. Heer doesn’t see him again. He asks her to stop and falls down on the road. Heer senses his presence and looks back, but doesn’t see him. Beeji asks what happened? Heer says she has felt as if someone called her. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Virat gets up and continues to run behind her car.

Beeji and Heer get down from the car and goes inside the car, followed by Dr. Akshay. Virat reaches there and looks for Heer in the car. He says I know Heer you are here, my heart says. Archana asks Heer to stop on the door and thanks Mata Rani for making her fine. She does Heer aarti thanking Mata Rani. She says her right was blinking since morning and bad thoughts were coming in her minds. Jaggi says yes, she said right. Beeji says your relation is strange with her. She says let’s go inside. Dr. Akshay closes the door. Beeji asks Heer to take care of herself first and asks her to rest in her room. Virat comes to the door and knocks on it. He tries to break it. Beeji says who is hitting on the door so loudly. Heer says I will check. Virat tries to break the door. Heer opens the door and don’t find anyone there. Beeji asks who is there? Heer says nobody is here, don’t know who was here. She closes the door again. Harak Singh and Preeto are hiding there with unconscious Virat. They recall and a fb is shown. They come to Kaul house and see Virat trying to break the door. Harak Singh makes Virat smell chloroform and makes him unconscious. Fb ends. Preeto says it is good that we were keeping eye here. She tells that she respects his love, but can’t bring her back in his life, which she left by herself. Harak Singh says they shall take him home. They take him with them.

Heer takes Kuhu in her arms and tells that she got saved today, but the Doctor is behaving strangely with her. She recalls lady doctor asking Beeji if Heer is her daughter and Dr. Akshay signing no. Heer says something had happened to your Papa, but don’t know what?

She comes to the window. Preeto looks at her and hides with Virat and Harak Singh before she can see them. Then they take Virat in their car. Dr. Akshay comes there and keeps her medicines. Heer asks if everything was fine. She asks if something is bothering him. Dr. Akshay says all ok, now you don’t need to go out of this house.

Parmeet asks how did Virat fall unconscious? Harak Singh says if we had not given him medicine, then he wouldn’t have come in control. He says he was running on the road blindly. Sant Baksh thanks him. Preeto says I will pray for him. Parmeet asks her to stop her drama and tells that Virat’s medicine is Heer. Preeto says we have talked about this before, we really want him to be fine, but not at the cost what you want. Sant Baksh says you are saying right, everyone has to end their pains their way. Parmeet says but…Sant Baksh asks her to be quiet and thanks Preeto and Harak Singh. He says we will make sure that Virat doesn’t do this again. Parmeet asks Sant Baksh, how Virat will be fine, if Heer don’t come here. Virat is unconscious and says Heer….you are alive.

Heer asks Dr. Akshay, if he wants to cage her here. Dr. Akshay says no, just inform before going. He asks where did you go? Heer says she had gone to bring oil for Kuhu. He asks her not to lie. She asks why will I lie? He shows the shawl to her shocking her. Heer gets tears in her eyes.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Written Update Shakti 16th February 2021

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