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Written Update Shakti 15th February 2021

The Episode starts with Dr. Akshay waits for Heer to gain consciousness, recalls she used to take care of Kuhu, Beeji feeding food to her, and his conversation with her about her past. He then recalls Beeji asking Heer, where did she learn this song, and Doctor appreciating him for hiring Kinnar to bring her daughter. Lady doctor comes to Heer and checks her. She tells Dr. Akshay that Heer is out of danger now. Dr. Akshay asks her not to inform anyone that Heer is a kinnar and that I know about her truth. Heer gains consciousness and asks how did I come here? Dr. Akshay says you had met with an accident and two nice people brought you here. The nurse comes there and tells Dr. Akshay that the people who got admitted is not in the hospital. Dr. Akshay says I will do the formalities. He asks Heer how her accident happened? Heer thinks he didn’t know where I met with an accident and cooks up a fake story, that she had gone out to buy a massage oil for Kuhu, but then she met with an accident. She asks can I go home and says Maa might be worried. Dr. Akshay thinks of Beeji and says you will be discharged in 1 or 2 hours. Heer thinks if Doctor knows about my truth.

Preeto tells Parmeet that they shall move on. Parmeet says you wants to leave my son in this condition and wants us to move on. Harak Singh says Heer will not return. He says her life got happy and we will not spoil her happiness. Preeto says if anyone comes in between her and her happiness, then nobody is bad than us. Sant Baksh asks what is this drama? You have promised us to bring Heer back. Parmeet says I can do anything for my son. Preeto says I can cross any limits to stop Heer from coming here. Sant Baksh tells that he can understand their emotions and feelings, and asks them to see Virat once, says if she don’t come then my son will die. Harak Singh says I can understand a parents’ emotions, who can understand better than me. He says we have cried blood tears since 6 months, now we saw her and she is happy like never before. He says we don’t want to drag her here. Preeto asks them to accept it as Mata Rani’s wish. Parmeet says Mata Rani is everyone’s mother and she can’t see her son in this condition. She takes Preeto to the inhouse temple and tells that it is Mata Rani’s wish and that’s why she happened to see Heer. She says only Heer can save us. Preeto says we still have some relation, don’t talk about bringing back Heer, else we will not talk again. She swears to her and says whoever comes infront of Heer’s happiness, have to go past this Preeto. Everyone is shocked.

Preeto and Harak Singh walk out of the house. Shakti song plays…..Parmeet looks on shocked. They sit in the car and leaves. Preeto asks Harak Singh to stop the car seeing the temple. They get down in the temple and thanks Mata Rani, prays for Heer’s well being and happiness. Preeto says now it is our responsibility that Heer stays there. She says Sant Baksh and his family think that Heer stays with kinnars, but she stays in Kaul house. Beeji comes to hospital and meets Heer. Heer says Maa…Beeji asks her not to call her Maa and says you have hidden a big truth from me. Parmeet tells Isha that they refused their words and says I told them that Heer shall be here in 24 hours. Isha says if she don’t come? Parmeet says I have to bring Heer back. Virat gains consciousness hearing them talking about Heer. He says my Heer is drowning, I have to go and save her. He breaks the rope with which he is tied to and tells that he has to go and save Heer, she is drowning. Parmeet says nobody is drowning. Virat pushes her and runs out. Isha holds Parmeet and asks if she is fine. Parmeet and Isha come running behind him, asking Servant to stop him. Virat pushes Servant and runs out. Parmeet cries and sits down crying. Isha asks her to handle herself. Tu hi mera khuda plays….

Heer gets shocked when beeji tells that Akshay told her about her accident. She scolds her for walking blindly. Heer holds her hand and says I got a small injury, I am fine. Doctor comes there. Heer asks the doctor to tell her that she is fine. Beeji says if anything happens to daughter then how mother can be fine. Doctor asks if she is your daughter? Dr. Akshay nods no. Beeji says she is not her biological mother, but Heer is more than her daughter. She holds her hand and walks out with her. Dr. Akshay moves away as Heer walks past him. Heer thinks what happened to him.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Written Update Shakti 15th February 2021

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