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Written Update Shaadi Mubarak 5th February 2021

The Episode starts with Kusum cursing Preeti. Preeti cries. Kusum says everyone supported Neil, I can just curse you, you will cry this way all your life. KT snatches the phone and asks did you go mad, Kusum, you forgot humanity and friendship, so much anger on your friend, on such a woman who can never do wrong, I came with a request, you can manage her, she will shatter, she doesn’t have you and me. Kusum says a mother can’t forgive Preeti. Preeti hears them. KT says its your misunderstanding. Kusum asks him to leave. She takes her phone back. He says everything will spoil, we can talk once. He leaves. Preeti cries. KT comes home. He says Preeti is sensible, she will not do anything wrong. Neil says Preeti isn’t at home, where can she go at night. KT recalls her words and says she went to orphanage to feed sweets to kids, she goes there when she is sad, she gets peace, I wish she gets peace back. Preeti comes and looks on.

Preeti recalls Kusum and KT’s words. She cries. KT comes. She says Kusum cursed me, you begged her and fought with her for my sake, you are praying for my peace, you didn’t love me, why do you care. He says I can’t see you hurt. She asks why, you can’t see my tears, you do a lot for my smile, but you don’t love me, why. She says I know you are a good person, you aren’t able to say this, I m not suitable for you, I have backward thinking, I m not modern, I m an ordinary woman, I m not beautiful. He says stop it, you are very beautiful, you are the best, I can feel it, trust me, I like to spend time with you, I like you, but… She says you can’t love me. He says I want to love you, but its not happening, its not your mistake, its mistake of my heart, my heart has stopped beating, its jammed, my first marriage…. whatever happened, you know it, after my heartbreak, my heart couldn’t beat again, I want to love you madly, I want to give you life’s every happiness, I want your search for true love to end right now, I try but its not happening. He cries and beats himself. Preeti stops and hugs him.

She says its not your mistake, maybe Lord didn’t write a love chapter in my life. He says forgive me, you are the most imp for me, but… Hamari adhuri kahani….plays… They come to Neil. Neil tries to remove the engagement ring. KT asks what happened Neil, why are you sitting in darkness. Neil says I thought lights will disturb everyone. Preeti asks what happened to the ring. Neil says I think its big tight, I will call Shikha. He goes. Preeti says I lost in love, but I can know who is happy and who isn’t, Neil isn’t happy with the engagement, he doesn’t feel for Shikha. KT says yes, I felt weird, I will talk to him tomorrow. She goes.

Preeti prepares her bedding on the couch. He asks her to sleep on the bed. She says its fine, this is my place, you sleep on the bed. They lie to sleep. Ik tara…plays.. Its morning, everyone talks about Neil’s wedding decoration. Kushala says red and gold will look loyal, marriage is in 2 days, that too at home, your wedding planning experience will help us. KT looks at Preeti. He asks is marriage in 2 days, how will it happen. Pandit says there is no mahurat for one year, we can’t get a hotel soon. He says we should make it grand, We have to call relatives and VVIPs, how will we handle. Kushala says yes, but Maheshwaris want the marriage to happen in a simple way.

Shivraj says we will keep a grand reception after marriage. Kushala says it will be good. They all go. Preeti thinks how did Kushala agree for this marriage, I think something is hidden from KT and me. KT asks Gopal to get coffee. He reads the newspaper. He says this ad is of Kusum’s house, she is selling the house. Preeti cries. She says I know why she is selling the house, she feels its a cheat, she is angry, she just got pain in friendship, how is she handling things alone, if she sells the house, don’t know what will she do, I m worried for her, we have to stop her, her anger will calm down when Neil tells the truth. He asks how will we make Neil confess truth.

Preeti says you said that there is no marriage without love, I want a divorce. KT gets shocked.

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Written Update Shaadi Mubarak 5th February 2021

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