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Written Update Shaadi Mubarak 22nd February 2021

The Episode starts with Phurti asking the girl to give money, the marriage won’t happen now. She shows the pic. The girl says its KT’s pic, he isn’t my ex Toshu, I had sent KT’s pic by mistake. Phurti says I will just sort it out and come. Sheena and Preeti see KT handling the baby and smile. Preeti says we will call the police. Phurti says baby’s mum has come, why to call the police. Sheena says this girl handed over the baby to KT and left. Phurti tells everything. She says I had promised the client, give me the baby. KT says we won’t return the baby. Phurti says I made you a father by mistake, you got real emotions. He says I don’t find you right, you got the baby on rent, you gave baby to a stranger. Phurti asks what’s wrong, why are you taking the baby as if you don’t have a baby of your own. KT scolds her.

Phurti asks why are you giving me lecture on values. She gives her card and says I can do any drama, I can end any tension, I can drive even car and scooter, I just want money. He asks did you think about the baby’s parents. She says they will be enjoying, they will get income. She says give me the baby. Preeti says give the baby, she will take the baby to its mum. KT says fine, give the money to the parents and ask him not to give baby on rent. Phurti asks for 10000rs. KT gives the money. She says the baby is lucky for me. She goes. Preeti thinks I will give this happiness to KT. Kushala changes the room according to Vaastu. Neil says she is doing this so that KT and Preeti get children. Priyanka jokes and laughs.

Preeti is at the temple. She makes a mannat. She thinks my age shouldn’t come between KT’s wishes, my reports shall come good. Phurti also comes there. She prays to get a visa for London. She also puts a coin. Phurti’s coin slides down on the wall and gets on Preeti’s coin.

Preeti dreams of his child. He wakes up and thinks I will not disturb Preeti. Phurti dreams to be in London. A girl and asks her to wake up. Phurti says you always disturb my dream.

Phurti’s friend says you got 35 lakhs to go to London. Phurti asks really, I will be going to London. Her friend asks her to enjoy. Phurti says I will give this good news to everyone who insulted me. She checks the list. Preeti wakes up and looks for Preeti. KT says you broke your own record today. She says yes, I don’t know how I slept late. He says I was going to wake you up, I saw you smiling, tell me your dream, I will fulfill it. She says I had seen…. He gets Phurti’s call. He asks who. She says I got the baby to you. He says baby thief, how dare you call me. She says you have seen my dare, I will tell you today. She says you got everything, see we need to dream, my fate is fulfilling my dream, I will not see people like you there. He says strange woman and disconnects. Preeti asks whose call was it. He says Phurti called and said she did that to fulfill her dream, can anyone do wrong to fulfill dreams, tell me.

Preeti asks are the reports fine. Doctor says you have ovarian cancer, you can’t become a mum in this state, you have very less time.. Preeti cries and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

Written Update Shaadi Mubarak 22nd February 2021

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