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Written Update Shaadi Mubarak 16th February 2021

The Episode starts with Preeti asking Tarun and Juhi why did they come here. Juhi says Kushala called us here. Preeti asks Kushala about it. Kushala says I thought your children can explain you, you want to go on a wrong path. She shows the divorce papers. She says Preeti is taking divorce from KT. Tarun asks but why. Juhi asks is it right, why did you decide it. Kushala says she wants to leave all the joy, because she isn’t getting the joy of love, she feels we all and KT don’t love her, explain her, KT is keeping her happy, she is getting friendship, affection and respect, we also accepted her as family, we always wanted her to be happy, its not a reason to break the marriage, people don’t get married in this age, Lord gave you another chance, what else do you want, you got a good friend in KT. Preeti says I want love. Everyone looks on.

Preeti says I know KT gave me everything, I feel hollow, I can’t stay here. Kushala asks what are you saying, 90% marriage are without love, 50% without mutual understanding and respect, you are getting everything except love, I m shocked to know it, I always believed that you will keep all the relations, you are breaking your own relation, why. Shivraj says I have always seen a hope of happiness for my son, what happened today. Kushala says I don’t permit you to break this relation, find ways to keep this relation. Preeti cries and goes to her room. KT comes. Preeti says I don’t understand one thing, how did mom got to know about our divorce, how did she get divorce papers, just you, Kusum and me knew this. KT recalls keeping the papers in the magazine to show to Kushala. She gets shocked and asks about it. KT says Preeti thinks I don’t love her, there is nothing left in our marriage, please explain her. She says I won’t let Preeti go anywhere. KT sees Preeti and thinks I won’t let you go away from me and Shaadi mubarak.

Its morning, Kushala argues with Preeti. Shivraj says I didn’t expect this from you, I agree with Kushala. Preeti gets sad. Preeti says I didn’t intend to make you all sad, I didn’t know that our divorce matter will come out like this, its a big day for us, Shaadi mubarak is going to organize a big wedding, our financial problem will end, then we will sit and talk. Kushala says you have to change your decision. Preeti says try to understand. Kushala says focus on solving your problem, not on divorce. Priyanka gets angry and shouts enough, its a personal matter for a husband and wife to decide, you can’t emotionally blackmail Preeti to change her decision. Preeti asks her to get quiet. Priyanka says you didn’t like Preeti and wanted her to go, you were ready to accept Nandini and Arjun, now that you accepted her, you want her to stay back, love is imp in a marriage, you always loved your son, did you care for Preeti’s happiness, please understand, its a big decision of her life, its her rights.

Kushala says this girl misbehaves a lot. Preeti says I m sorry. Priyanka says no need to say sorry for telling the truth, I wanted us to stay happy here, I won’t let you compromise your happiness, why shall I woman compromise always, you have a right to decide it, if there is no love in your marriage, then they shall understand that no one has a right to tell you. KT says enough, you are crossing your limits, my family is selfish, no, they love Preeti and want her to stay back, why are you making an issue of our marriage. Priyanka says sorry, I had seen you keeping divorce papers under the magazine to show Kushala, you have made it an issue yourself. She recalls seeing KT keeping the papers. Preeti looks at KT. Priyanka says I heard you telling Kushala about the marriage, you made the matter against Preeti, if this decision was mutual, why did you get this matter out, you didn’t give her respect, why did you do this. KT asks what are you saying. Preeti cries and goes.

KT goes after Preeti. He says I know our divorce papers shouldn’t have come in front of mom, I m sorry, say something, scold me, I made a mistake, ask me why did I do this. She takes her bag. He says I will tell you, I wanted the family to put pressure on you to stop you, you didn’t listen to me, you can get the divorce, but don’t leave Shaadi mubarak, listen to me, what do you want me to say. She leaves. He asks what shall I do to stop you.

KT confesses his love to Preeti. She leaves in the bus.

Update Credit to: Amena

Written Update Shaadi Mubarak 16th February 2021

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