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Written Update Shaadi Mubarak 11th February 2021

The Episode starts with everyone wishing KT and Preeti a happy anniversary. Kushala and Sneha say its 3 month anniversary. Everyone wishes them and blesses. Preeti thinks we are lying to the family, they are so happy for us. She cries. Kushala asks why are you crying. Preeti says I got emotional. KT thinks the family is getting many expectations from our relation. Neil says we will celebrate chocolate day as well, get ready and come for the party. KT says Neil… Preeti stops KT. They cut the cake and feed to each other. Preeti looks at KT. At the office, KT says we will show different designs to them. Preeti says yes. KT shows the designs to the lady. The lady Meera and likes it. The man Dev likes Preeti’s designs. KT and Preeti say Meera and Dev liked the same designs for your son’s marriage, this is the power of marriage to get colours of each other. Dev asks how will we start.

Preeti says you will be going to invite the guests. Meera says we will invite our guests separately. Preeti says but you have to go to the temple together. KT says you have to give invite to the Lord first. Preeti says you will be going to the temple where you both got married. Dev goes. Preeti asks did I say anything wrong. Meera says we didn’t tell you something, we are filing for divorce after our son’s marriage, we will be on our own way. Preeti asks how can you end this relation. Meera says relation becomes a burden when there is no love. She goes. KT and Preeti look at each other. He says no need to do anything, its their personal matter, don’t forget the business rules, we won’t interfere, we arranges marriages, we don’t counsel them. They argue. He says I don’t care about their fate, we are also taking divorce and talking of their relation’s betterment, it will be better to focus on their son’s marriage. She says you be a professional, I will try hard to save Dev and Meera’s relation. She goes.

Priyanka finds the cupboard locked. She says I can’t disturb Neil. She calls Preeti to get duplicate keys. Preeti asks her to ask Kushala. Priyanka goes and sees Kushala struggling in making an online order. She asks shall I help. Kushala gives the phone. Priyanka says its done. She asks for duplicate keys. Kushala unlocks the cupboard. She sees the towel on the bed and scolds her. She goes. Priyanka says at least I earn on my own and manage my expenses, unlike them, their bank accounts are sealed. Kushala hears this and gets angry. Preeti talks to KT about speaking to agency for helpers. He says agency isn’t good, change it. He gets a call. She says listen to me. He goes. She thinks why is KT doing this.

KT and Preeti go out for arrangements. Preeti calls someone. KT asks whom were you talking. She sees Meera. Meera gets under a flower shower. She coughs. Dev runs to Meera and cares for her. He says my wife has allergy to Lilies. Preeti says sorry. KT asks what did you do, why, you knew her allergy. Preeti asks him to look there. Dev asks Meera to take medicines. Meera says I m fine. Preeti says I told you, they have love between them. KT asks why did you do this. She says lucky people get love, we should try to save it, I can feel they have love between them. He says they would not get separated if they had love, you became a love counsellor since you fell in love with me. She says I have no problem that you don’t love me, I m not any love counsellor, I love you and know its importance, maybe I can feel their love. He asks how.

He jokes. She says your heart has stopped beating, you won’t understand love. He goes. She says you have dropped flowers on the right time. Sanju thanks her. She sees Dev and Meera. Dev asks did you do this. Preeti says I wanted to prove that there is love between you both. Meera scolds her. Dev says we will not give the contract to you. KT says fine with it, I also think Preeti did right, you are also right, I had a fight with her, if you think about her intention, then you will change your decision, she is trying to bring you closer, marriage is a union of bride and groom, and also union of families, she was worried for your son’s reaction on knowing your separation, what will your son and bahu think, who will explain them when they have a fight, so Preeti did all this, I m sorry if you felt bad, her thinking and intention were good, you can take back the contract if you want, I can’t work with those who can’t respect my wife, my partner, think and tell us, come Preeti ji. Dev stops Preeti and says I want to apologize to you for misunderstanding you. Meera says you will plan our son’s marriage. Preeti says thanks, those flowers were fake. They ask what. They laugh.

KT takes Preeti’s phone and says no calls during work, why did you get so many calls from LCR, who is he. She says its my life, I can run my life my way. He says fine. He hears her talks and thinks where is she going without telling me.

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Written Update Shaadi Mubarak 11th February 2021

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