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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th January 2021

Anant’s friend Vinay and colleague thinking Gehna as maid asks if she can arrange a maid similar to her, he can pay good salary like Anant. Gehna and Anant stand silently. Vinay leaves. Gehna returns home. Hema yells that thank god she returned home or else Bapuji would have taken whole house to her. Kanak asks her to go and prepare food. Paresh walks to Gehna and asks where is she going. Gehna says to prepare food. Paresh says Hema and Kanak will prepare food today. Kanak says Gehna prepares tasty food. Paresh says Gehna also sings well during god’s aarti and asks Gehna to prepare for aarti while he calls Baa and others. Gehna sings and performs god’s aarti while Kanak and Hema stand behind frowning with other family members. She then shows aarti to everyone and walks towards Baa. Baa waits for some time and then accepts aarti. Kanak and her team stand shocked while Tia, Paresh, and Bapuji get happy. Bapuji tells Paresh that Baa will not accept prasad, and Paresh says she will. Gehna offers prasad, but Baa doesn’t accept it, leaving Kanak smirking and Gehna sad. Tia asks Gehna how was Anant’s office, did he introduce her to his colleagues. Gehna reminisces colleague’s words and tells Tia that she just came from college and should rest. Tia says bhai must be coming soon, so she will ask him itself. Vinay reminds him its already 6 p.m. and asks him to go home and meet him at night in friend’s reunion party with Radhika.

A poor and weak woman walks in asking for water. Gehna seeing her rushes to her and makes her sit. Tia walks in next followed by Bapuji who asks who is she. Lady says her husband ransacked her and she is searching for job since 3 days and is hungry since then. Family gathers. Bapuji asks if she will work in this house. Lady agrees. Kanak’s team panic hearing that and Pankaj asks how much salary will she take. Bapuji says they should decide that as they will pay her salary and walks away, leaving Kanak’s team frowning. Gehna and Alpa take woman in.

Anant returns home and tells Paresh that he didn’t have courage to tell in office that Gehna is his wife and not maid, when he couldn’t respect her, how will others respect her; if he cannot accept her as wife, then how will others accept Gehna. He gets a call and says he cannot pick it as his friends are insisting him to come with Radhika for a reunion party. Paresh says its a good chance for him and he should tell his friend that he is coming with his life partner. Anant walks to Gehna and asks her to get ready as they are going outside. Gehna thinks she has a lot of work pending and Anant wants to take her out, what should she do now.

Kanak tells Sagar that their arrow hit the right target. Sagar says they brought their maid home, what will she do next. Kanak says Gehna is the only maid for her and will be always. Sagar praises her plan. She asks him to make sure that girl doesn’t blurt out everything under pressure and before work is done, she will not give him a single penny. He says he will start his work from tonight, but he needs some money first. She gives him money and says rest after work is done, thinks now Gehna will see what she can do.

Anant gets ready for party and waits for Gena. Gehna walks down in simple sari. He asks if she gets ready like this to go out. She says yes. He takes her to party and asks her not to get nervous as its just his friends’ small get together party. Vinay welcomes him and informing all friends asks if Radhika didn’t come and what is maid doing here. Anant says she is his wife, Mrs. Gehna Anant Desai. Vinay apologizes for misunderstanding bhabhi as maid. Anant says its okay as he didn’t know. Vinay calls his wife and introduces them to her. Wife chats with Gehna and walks away to meet other guests. Gehna stands alone when Anant’s another inebriated friend walks to her and asks her name, her profession, and career. Gehna nervously says she went to school. He starts insulting her. Anant seeing that warns his friend to behave with his wife. Friend says what should he call an illiterate maid then. Anant punches him.

Precap: Anant gives his credit card to Gehna for sari shopping and explains how to use it with pin.
Gehna buys saris and forgets card pin. Owner asks whose card is it, she says husband’s, he says she stole her owner’s card and calls police.
Inspector warns to tell whose card is it or he will throw her in jail.

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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th January 2021

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