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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th February 2021

Gehna wakes up in the morning hurriedly and asks Anant why didn’t he wake her up as she has a lot of work to finish. Anant says he was working whole night. She gives him grocery list and asks to bring it for tonight’s party, she will make family realize that they can be happy only by living together. He hopes so and says he will be relaxed only after returning confidential file tomorrow and asks her to keep it in cupboard. She does same. Hema enters and says since work is divided now, she and Hema are giving their dirty clothes to laundryman, so she came to ask Gehna to give her dirty clothes. Gehna says she herself will wash her clothes. Hema says she has a lot of work for tonight’s function, so she should give her clothes to laundryman. Anant says Hema is right. Gehna gives clothes and ties cupboard key in her pallu. After sometime, she goes to kitchen to prepare food when Hema insists her let her, Kanak, and Sagar help her. Gehna asks Kanak to cut cucumber and onions and Hema to wash utensils. Hema fumes that naukrani made her naukrani. Sagar stares at Gehna. Gehna asks him to stop staring and pick utensil from gas. He picks and burns his hand. Hema signals him to execute his task. Kanak asks him to bring cooker. He agrees and hiding behind steals key from her pallu, takes its print on a soap and tries to tie it back to her pallu when Gehna moves. He leaves key on floor and act as returning back and asking whose key is this. Gehna says its her key. Kanak asks her to be careful.

Bapuji with Baa and Paresh enter kitchen and get happy seeing all 3 bahus working together. He says if he knew his bahus will unite if he divides kitchen, he would have done it long ago. Baa says Gehna’s idea of celebration tonight is really good. Paresh requests Baa to prepare her world famous kheer and jalebi. Baa agrees. Kanak asks Paresh to click bahus’ pic. He does same. Kanak thinks this hum saath saath hain picture will not start again.

In the evening, family gathers in garden for party. Anant notices everyone sitting silently and starts singing Ay Dil Tu Laya Hai Bahar Apnon Ka Pyar Kya Kehna…song. Family joins him and each family member sings and dances together. Pankaj signals brothers to steal sweets. Chetan says he doesn’t wants to be caught in front of children. Anant also insists. They walk towards snack table and hide seeing Gehna coming. They then steal sweets when Paresh catches them and says even now brothers steal sweets. Baa and Bapuji laugh. Sagar thinks he will do real stealing and will put Gehna and Anant into trouble. He gets into house and drops key in living room. Sapan passes by, and he hides till he goes and then picks key back. Party continues. Gehna says she saw Chetan holding something in a pic. Anant says guitar. Gehna requests him to play guitar for them. Pankaj says Chetan used to play guitar really well in college and everyone were his fans. Gehna insists and brings guitar for him. He plays guitar and sings Shyam hain fizayen…song. Everyone dances. Gehna imagines dancing with Anant. After Chetan’s performance, everyone clap and praise him. Baa asks Hiral about Sapan. Sapan returns.

Pankaj announces Kanak’s performance. Kanak dances on Shyam Hai Jaam Hai..Aaj Ki Raat.song. Sagar steals file from Gehna’s cupboard and fumes reminiscing Anant and Gehna insulting him. He is shocked to find defense department file and thinks he got a lottery, now Anant will go to jail and Gehna will be helpless. He thinks of informing Kanak that he got the file, but realizes he fogot his phone. Baa asks Hema to call Sagar. Hema says he is unwell, so resting in his room. Children insist for a family pic in front of bonfire. Gehna tries to click pic and her phone switches off with battery drain, so she goes towards her room to charge her phone. She drops vase on the way. Sagar hearing sound panics. Gehna enters and is shocked to see him in his room.

Precap: Police arrests Anant in allegation of leaking confidential information. Anant yells that marrying Gehna was his biggest mistake.

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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th February 2021

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