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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd February 2021

Kanak tells family that its decided that she will cook food for Baa, Bapuji, Paresh, Tia, Hiral, Sapan, and Tanu today, Hema tomorrow and Gehna day after tomorrow. Hiral says when kitchen is divided, even house should be divided so that she gets her share. Tia says earlier Pankaj and Chetan sought partition and now even she is, she should be ashamed. Hiral slaps Tia, leaving everyone in shock. Sapan tells Hiral that she doesn’t have to live with anyone’s support as he rejoined nursing room. He returns Gehna’s 7000 rs which Hiral stole and 14000 rs for Hiral’s expenses and says soon he will take her back home with respect. Bapuji emotionally blesses him and leaves. Paresh tells Pankaj that he himself has to take care of his family expenses and he will be happy if Pankaja manages even for a month.

Kanak and Hema divide utensils in kitchen before Gehna comes. Hema says they lost their permanent servant Gehna and have to wash utensils themselves. Gehna enters and sees utensils divided. Hema says good she came, she should understand that they have divided their utensils. Gehna says they can take whatever they want. Baa enters and asks Gehna to take her share. Gehna says she doesn’t want partition. Hema says she will take 2 burners out of 4. Kanak says she will take remaining 2. Baa asks Gehna if she will eat raw food, why she is so innocent. She gives 1 burner each to Hema, Kanak, Gehna, and Hiral and asks who will prepare her, Bapuji, and Tia’s food. Kanak says she will and will return after finishing some water. Baa stands crying. Gehna offers her water and asks her not to worry as there won’t be any partition happening. Baa says she shattered hearing her children demanding partition. Gehna says their house is shattered but not yet broken, she will not let that happen.
Bapuji consoles Baa. Baa says he broke her family; her children demanded partition and he approved. He says he had to do it to stop further complications and soon his children will realize that they can only be happy staying united together.

Kanak and Hema return to cook. Hema kneads dough and asks Kanak to taste her prepared dal. Kanak sees her oil finished and asks Hema to lend some till Pankaj brings it. Hema thinks Kanak troubled her a lot, now its her turn; she says she wants to help her, but she also has only some oil left. Kanak looks at Gehna’s oil bottle and picks it. It falls down. Gehna enters and asks her to use her share of oil. Kanak says her oil share finished and Pankaj will bring it tomorrow, they all as a family should share happiness and sorrows together. Gehna says thank god they didn’t divide happiness and sorrows. Kanak thinks Gehna is a fool and will give her whole share. Gehna puts a few teaspoons of oil in pan. Kanak asks only this much. Gehna says only this much is needed to prepare her dish and reminds her words that they need to use less oil for a good health. Kanak stands fuming. After sometime, Kanak arranges dishes on table. Gehna notices it and thinks Baa and Bapu don’t like that dish, so she will give them her dish and will have Kanak’s prepared burnt dishes. She takes food tray to Baa and Bapuji’s room and insists them to have it. Baa says she doesn’t want to have it and asks not to act like her MIL. Gehna says Baa is her MIL, but if they both deny to have food, she will become their mother. They emotionally bite food and says its prepared by her and not Kanak, she must have taken Kanak’s burnt food and gave her to them, till when she will support Kanak. Gehna asks not to worry about that. Bapuji says they realized today that they are burden on their children. Gehna asks not to say that and walks away to serve food to Anant. Baa asks why don’t she think of herself like others. Bapuji says she is not like everyone and he has hope of light only from her.

Paresh with Anant enjoys Gehna’s served food and signals its awsome. Pankaj and Chetan walk to dining table and ask Kanak and Hema to serve food. Kanak brings bowl frowning and orders Pankaj to serve food to himself and her. Pankaj tells Chetan that Kanak is not Gehna to obey them. He sees burnt rotis and asks if he should ]have it. She warns to have it silently. He says its amrith and thinks its poison. Chetan takes food and scolds Hema. Hema yells to have it silently and continues. Paresh loudly praises Gehna that her prepared kheer is very tasty. Anant says he will give his rotis to his brothers and reminisces them fighting with him. He gets his boss’s call and assures him that he will reach on time for project meeting tomorrow and will keep its information safe and confidential. He walks away praising Gehna that her prepared food was very tasty. Hema tells Kanak that she is unable to eat her own prepared food. Kanak says she has an idea. At night, Anant hears sound outside and walks out thinking a thief must have barged in. Others also walk out. Anant says sound is from kitchen and looks like there are multiple thieves. They stand shocked seeing someone.

Precap: Police arrests Anant in allegation of leaking confidential information. Anant yells that marrying Gehna was his biggest mistake.

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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd February 2021

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