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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd February 2021

Pankaj demands partition of house. Gehna shocked asks what is he saying. Bapuji says let them speak today and asks Chetan if he also wants partition of house. Chetan says yes. Anant blames Dashrath for provoking his brothers. Dashrath says why will he, its their family issues and walks away saying he needs to perform pooja. Kanak yells Gehna that she didn’t stop Anant when he and even Baa and Bapuji insulted her. Baa says all her children are equal to her and she never differentiated between them. Pankaj and Chetan say they always helped Anant growing, even they want to progress. Bapuji asks who is stopping them. They say he is stopping them. Kanak pleads them that Anant loves his brother and they are all one family, they shouldn’t separate her from her family and parents. Anant tells Kanak and Hema he will apologize them if he is wrong and asks brothers if they really want to go away from them. They yell to stop his drama as Bapuji always favored him and insists for partition. Paresh slaps Pankaj and asks him to divide his mother’s motherhood, parent’s upbringing, etc. first. Bapuji consoles him and Baa. Anant pleads Pankaj and Chetan again. Kanak asks if they will take decisions according to his wish. He requests not to interfere between brothers. She says he was talking about unity and divided brothers and SIL’s in 5 seconds, he is doing same since he married Gehna. Pankaj insists Baa to partition the house. Baa cries more. Bapuji stops her and tells Pankaj and Chetan if they need partition, he will do it. They get happy hearing that. Anant pleads Bapuji not to do that. Bapuji says kitchen is the foundation of house, so he will divide the kitchen, everyone will cook their own food and will bear its expenses from today. Kanak’s team stand shocked hearing that. Bapuji tells Baa that their children kicked them out of their lives today and walks away with her. Anant tells Pankaj and Chetan that they may like him or not, he will be at their side when they need him. He walks to his room. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum…song plays in the background. He reminisces Pankaj’s love for his brothers earlier. Dashrath congratulates team saying partition started with kitchen at least.

Anant stands crying in his room. Gehna says she knows he is shattered, but only he can keep the family united, they both will not let an outsider break their house. Anant shouts that he is not a god to rejoin the broken things, his house is divided now, but he cannot live without his brothers as he learnt everything from his brothers; he describes how he learnt to walk and learn riding cycle from his brothers, how they used to teach him for his exams, etc., but now his brothers want to separate from him. He hugs her tightly and cries vigorously. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum…song continues to play in the background. Kanak knocks door and informs that Bapuji is calling everyone in hall. Anant asks Gehna to go down while he comes later. Gehna walks down.

Kanak taunts Gehna that yogya bahu do something as her husband lost. Gehna says he has stopped but not lost. Kanak says she doesn’t lose at all and divided house as she wished. Gehna says Anant will not let that happen. Kanak says her husband is crying vigorously in room and a younger son couldn’t do anything. Gehna says she will do whatever younger son couldn’t do. Kanak challenges that she will divide the house for sure. Gehna challenges back that she will not let that happen and walks away.

Desai family gathers in living room. Dashrath tells them that he is going now as his work is done. Bapuji says he should wait and watch partition of other things; he has one kitchen and 3 sons, so each bahu has to cook food at a different time and bear expenses themselves. Chetan says its difficult for him this month as he has to pay children’s fees. Anant says he will pay children’s fees. Bapuji asks him not to do that and says he will take care of his, his wife, his brother and daughters’ expenses. Anant holding his feet says its his right to take care of them and he doesn’t want to be devoid of that right. Paresh praises Anant and tells Baa that her upbringing hasn’t failed. Dashrat thanks Anant is very clever, Bapuji made a mistake by stopping him from going, now he will hit the last nail in the their coffins. He says now he understood why Bapuji wants to give everything to Ananth, Anant wants to take parents’ responsibility. Pankaj and Chetan say why only Anant, even they will take up their parents’ responsibility. Paresh asks if the want to divide even parents. Anant says he will not let that happen. Chetan yells if he wants to act as Shravan Kumar and grab all the wealth alone. Kanak asks them not to fight and divide responsibility at different time of thee day. Dashrat continues acting and says he got emotional seeing children’s love for parents, he will go now. Kanak and team touch his feet. He asks Anant and Gehna to take his blessings. They touch his feet, and Anant says he knows he set the fire of partition in this house. Dashrat warns that they are kids in front of him and concentrate on stopping partition of house. Gehna says this house is Baa and Bapuji’s temple and cannot be divide, they will stop partition of kitchen, he can go now. Dashrat stands fuming.

Precap: Kanak sees cooking oil finished and asks Hema to lend some. Hema says even she has only some left.
Kanak tries to take Gehna’s oil. Gehna stops her and asks to use her own oil share.

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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd February 2021

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