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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th February 2021

Baa announces Gehna as winner of yogya bahu competition. Gehna’s team rejoices hearing that while Kanak’s team burns in anger. Bapuji tells Baa that she chose a right bahu. Baa offers Gehna home keys and asks her to keep them safely as they are her responsibilities. Gehna returns it back saying she is happy that she considered her as yogya bahu, that is more than enough for her, Baa is elder of this house and nobody can handle the keys better than her, she just needs Baa’s blessings and forgiveness. Baa reminisces pandal incident and steps a bit back and then extends her hands emotionally to hug her calling her Gehna dikra. Kanak’s team gets more jealous seeing that. Gehna happily hugs Baa. Khushiyon ka din aya hai..song plays in the background. Gehna asks Baa to repeat Gehna dikra. Baa repeats. Kanak thinks Gehna may get happy, but she will ruin it soon. Baa wipes Gehna’s tears and says she pronounced Gehna as yogya bahu, but that doesn’t mean her other 2 bahus are ayogya/incompetent, she loves all her 3 bahus. Hema and Kanak act as emotional and hug Baa. Anant and his siblings hug her. Paresh he got very emotional, its time for celebration and let whole family go out have lunch together. They all walk out. Kanak yells angrily that she will burn this house in the fire of her insult and one who will burn it will arrive soon. Baa gets ready and asks Kanak to follow her. Kanak says that she is still having backpain after Hema fell on her the other day, so she cannot come. Baa asks Hema to follow her and leaves. Kanak asks Hema who will make arrangements to welcome special guest. Hema says she will bring her special food packed and rushes away. Kanak yells that she always thinks of food.

Family discuss which restaurant they should go. Anant suggests Chinese, Bapuji mughlai, children pizza and burgers. Paresh says its Gehna’s celebration, so she will decide what they should have. Gehna says she knows a place where they will get what they like. Hema asks how does she know. Gehna says she saw it while delivering clothes. Baa says if Gehna knows, let us go there. They all reach chat gali. Hema rushes to have jalebis. Anant sees Gujarati locho stall and says let us have it first. Paresh and Bapuji send him and Gehna to locho stall. Chetan seeing Hema happy thinks if she and Kanak are happy with Gehna’s win, that means they are planning something big. Pankaj walks to Kanak who is in kitchen and tells that he knows she and Hema are planning something. She asks how does he know and thinks Hema must have informed Chetan and he informed Pankaj. Pankaj happily goes to bring Chetan and Kanak.

A poor lady walks to Anant and requests to buy her roses. He says he doesn’t need them. She requests to take it for his wife as nobody bought her flowers yet, she is hungry and didn’t have any food since morning. Anant buys whole bunch of roses and pays her. He gifts Gehna a rose.
Gehna imagines she and Anant romancing on a romantic song. Out of flashback, she sees Anant gifting flowers to whole family. Paresh asks Bapuji to give flower to Baa. At home, Pankaj gets romantic and playing Banja Tu Meri Rani.. song for Kanak wishes her happy valentine’s day. She frowns and asks what happened to her. He says he knows she stayed at home to celebrate valentine’s day with him. She yells that she sent them all out to give a shock to Gehna. Paresh enters with family. Pankaj nervously drops Kanak on floor. They all laugh. Tia asks Gehna what will she give Anant as Valentine’s day gift.

Gehna writes a letter for Anant that she doesn’t know what to gift him as he always helped her from the beginning and describes them all. She finally writes thank you for his help and looks at the letter. Tia enters. Gehna hides letter behind her back and not allowing Tia to see it walks down searching Anant. Baa walks to her. She hides letter between children’s books and tells Baa that she was going to prepare for morning breakfast. Baa asks her to wake her up when she is done and leaves. Gehna hurriedly rushes to pick letter but doesn’t find it. She sees children making a paper plane out of it and playing with it, bends to pick paper when a man wearing sports shoes steps on it.

Precap: An old man tells Bapuji that his house is very old and will break soon. Bapuji says house and relationships don’t break easily. Man says if it breaks via partition of house. Gehna determines not to let partition happen at any cost.

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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th February 2021

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