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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th February 2021

Gehna takes coffee for Anant and stands reminiscing him supporting her today to prove her innocence. He notices her and asks where is she lost, asks if she brought coffee. She says its not a coffee but thank you for proving her innocence. He says she did everything. She says he supported her. He says they both together did it. Sagar sitting in park fumes reminiscing Gehna slapping him. Kanak and Hema walks to him and raise hand. He gets afraid and tries to stop them. They then laugh and clap hifi with him. He laughs back saying Kanak’s plan worked exactly they thought; poor Anant didn’t see that they saw him seeing Sagar taking out jewelry; Kanak’s plan was foolproof. Kanak says it wasn’t a plan but a super plan. She reminisces telling him and Hema that let Gehna and Anant do what they think. Hema says getting her bhaila caught is part of their plan and Gehna was proved innocent. Kanak says Gehna doesn’t know a storm is awaiting which will shake who Desai family, Kanak will become yogya bahu and will execute her final plan of house partition when a surprise guest will arrive. She says let us go home as its time to announce yogya bahu.

Anant asks Gehna to give him coffee as it will turn cold. She shyingly gives him coffee. Tia walks in and says if their romance is over, they should come down as Baa has called them down to announce yogya bahu competition’s winner. Family gathers in living room. Paresh says as decided he and Tia will calculate expenses and takes all 3 bahus’ bill. Kanak think in sometime she will be announced winner and then she will blast her maha plan’s maha bomb. Baa says yogya bahu, kanak bahu. Kanak gets happy hearing her name while everyone stand shocked. Baa says with bland salad, she thought about family’s health; Hema cannot bend down, but prepared Paresh’s favorite sweets, helped children prepare for their exams and threw party for them; Gehna not only saved her bangle but also saved guest’s dignity, she prepared khichdi when proper food was not prepared at home, she also proved her innocence and caught jewelry thief. She says she gave 15000 rs each to all 3 bahus and wants to know how much they saved. Hema says 2000 rs. Kanak fumes hearing that. Baa checks Hema’s bill and asks from where did she buy paneer for 50 rs. Hema nervously says Chetan bargained in many stalls and bought paneer for 50 rs. Paresh says Hema is expert in bargaining and bought 350 rs worth paneer for 50 rs. Baa says other items are not according to market price. Chetan thinks Hema is always busy munching and didn’t notice grocery price. Baa announces that Hema is expelled from yogya bahu competition. Hema stands sadly. Paresh asks her to move aside. Baa calls Kanak next. Kanak says 1500 rs. Bapuji asks how much did Gehna save. Gehna says 1200 rs. Baa says Kanak’s calculation is right and even Gehna’s, but Kanak saved in a right way. Gehna brings piggybank and says she saved 300 rs from medicines. Tia says both Kanak and Gehna saved 1500 rs, it means a tie between them. Paresh notices a 1 rs coin left and giving it to Baa. Bapuji says Gehna won then. Gehna says its a shagun money which Anant put in the piggybank. Bapuji asks Baa who is the winner then. Baa says Desai family’s yogya bahu is. Kanak says she. Everyone look at her. Kanak says she wants to tell something; Gehna showed shagun 1 rs, but didn’t tell that she earned money via stitching; Baa expelled Hema when she made a mistake in calculation, even Gehna cheated and should be expelled. She asks Gehna if money given was less than she had to earn from outside. Anant tries to speak, but Baa stops him and says Gehna will not tell anything; when she can evaluate bahus, she can evaluate betis/daughters. She asks Hiral if she didn’t steal Gehna’s money. Hiral yells at Gehna that she told Baa about it. Baa slaps her and asks to accept that she stole Gehna’s money. Sapan says its his mistake as not Hiral’s as he forced her to steal, but he will restart his medical practice and pay Gehna’s money soon; Gehna is the one who boosted his morales. Bapuji praises Gehna and asks Baa to announce the winner. Baa says house’s laxmi is the one who can think of whole family and take them along, so heryogna bahu is Gehna. Kanak and her team stand shocked hearing that and Gehna’s supportes rejoice and clap. Baa says she is sure that Gehna will not let her family beads shatter.

Kanak angrily walks aside and angrily says enough of family drama now. She calls someone and says Gehna snatched her position, now she has set a bomb in Gehna’s life and storm will arrive soon.

Precap: Tia asks Gehna what will she gift Anant for their first Valentine’s day. Gehna and Anant dance romantically.

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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th February 2021

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