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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th February 2021

Hema decides to confess stealing Gehna’s jewelry in front of Baa. Kanak thinks she will be in trouble if this jadi mindi/obese sheep confesses her crime to Baa. She asks Sagar to stop her and tells her that nobody does that where the jewelry is and assures that she will not let Hema happen anything and they both will win yogya/competent bahu competition and rule on Desi family. Sagar says their next plan will not fail. Hema asks what if it fails. He says then he is ready to bear punishment. Next morning, Baa with whole family waits for Gehna. Clock ticks 10 a.m. Hansa comments that Gehna eloped fearing insult. Gehna walks down. Hema murmurs chapli came. Kanak says looking her gait looks like her wicket is down already. Hema says looks like she hasn’t slept whole night. Kanak says forget yogya bahu, she won’t be a bahu at all. Hansa asks Gehna to show her real jewelry. Baa asks her to prove her innocence. Hiral says she will if she has proof. Gehna says she has proof and Anant is bringing police. Hema, Hiral, and Sagar’s mouths wide open in tension. Kanak asks Hema not to be tensed as nobody can find out real jewelry’s location. Anant calls Gehna and informs that police found out jewelry’s location and he never thought that jewelry would be found there, they will reach the place in a few minutes and truth will be out soon. Hema panics and tells Kanak that they will be caught now. Kanak orders Sagar to change the location before Anant and police find them. Sagar leaves in lieu of having water. Hema asks if police will torture them more if they are caught. Kanak says let Sagar hide jewelry, she will think what to do next.

Sagar enters kitchen and in lieu of having water jumps out of kitchen window and getting into a room takes out jewelry bag from AC. Anant catches him and drags him to family. Hema gets tensed seeing that. Anant asks Hema what will she say now, she was alleging Gehna, but the culprit turned out to be her bhaila Sagar. Baa asks how did he find out Sagar is the thief. He says he acted as calling police to catch the real thief, Sagar had hidden jewelry in her and Bapuji’s room as nobody would doubt them. He says it was Gehna’s plan to drop letters in everyone’s room and when it didn’t work act as calling police to catch the real thief, it was a foolproof plan. They should find out if Sagar alone is a thief or he did it on someone’s order. He insists Sagar. Kanak says he will not open up like this and starts hitting him with slippers reminiscing Sagar agreeing to take blame on him if they are caught. She warns Sagar to not take her name or else he will be in more trouble. She then asks him to apologize Gehna for his heinous act. Bapuji says his act is unforgivable now as he had already tried to molest Gehna once. Kanak asks Hema to punish her bhaila for his mistake. Hema acts as slapping him and then apologizes Gehna. Gehna asks her not to apologize as Sagar should be punished. Baa asks Anant to call the police and hand him over to them. Kanak gets tensed thinking he will reveal her name if tortured by police and shouts she will punish Sagar. She drags him and pushes him out of door. Sagar stares at her. Anant warns him to stop staring and get out. Gehna stops him and walking to Sagar gives him a tight slap and asks Anant to kick him out now. Anant pushes Sagar out and closes door.

Kanak and Hema congratulate each other that their plan worked as they thought. Hema says her bhaila can bear 3-4 slaps for her behna. Kanak says Gehna and Anant must be happy thinking they won, but they don’t know what storm is awaiting in this house.

Precap: Baa tells family that house’s Laxmi is the one who can take everyone along, so her yogya bahu is… All 3 bahus eagerly look at her.

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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th February 2021

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