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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th February 2021

Gehna asks Kanak to give her mopping cloth as she is holding other cleaning stuff in her hands. Paresh backs Gehna. Kanak picks mopping cloth angrily. Paresh asks her to clean a small mess left on floor. Hema silently leaves to bring juice to escape from work. Kanak angrily mops floor and her artificial nail comes off. Paresh tells Baa that he is emotional seeing Gehna and Kanak bahu cleaning floor. Kanak angrily walks to her room and repeatedly washes hands to ward off smell, reminiscing cleaning floor. She applies perfume on hands and says its disgusting. Hema walks in and provokes her that maid Gehna made her not only pick mopping cloth but also clean floor. Kanak says if she is so worried, why didn’t she help her and instead escaped. Hema says she brought her cream, nail polish and file to file broken nails. Kanak shouts shut up. Hema says she should scold Gehna instead. Kanak says she is just scolding Hema, but will tear Gehna’s dignity into pieces.

Mrs. Doshi likes Baa’s gold bangle and asks her to show them to her. Baa shows it and before she could wear them back sees Hansa and walks to her keeping bangle on table. Doshi steals bangle and keeps it in her purse. Baa and her bahus notice that. Hema says she will insult Hema and take back Baa’s bangles from her. Baa stops her and says Doshi is their guest and they cannot insult her, all her 3 bahus should plan and get back her bangles somehow without anyone knowing about Doshi’s act. Hema says she will Doshi’s purse and tries, but Doshi notices her and loudly asks to go from there. Hema returns disappointed. Kanak says she will keep Doshi busy in her gossip and take back bangles. She starts gossiping with Doshi. Everyone start laughing. Kanak walks aside embarrassed. Doshi complains Baa that her bahus are troubling her, one tried to snatch her purse and another made her stand up, this party is really boring. Gehna says they should have some entertainment and says a magician used to show his magic during parties like this, even she learnt magic from him. Guest says she is joking. Gehna says she can really show magic and asks Doshi to give her purse. Doshi denies Gehna asks to hold it tightly then and acting as chanting magical mantras asks Doshi to open her purse and see what she kept in it via magic. Doshi opens her purse nervously. Children say its Baa’s bangle. Gehna says she kept it and asks Doshi to return it to Baa. Doshi does same. Everyone clap. A lady tells Baa that her younger bahu is really talented. Doshi tells Baa that she did as she said, her younger bahu is really yogya/competent bahu. Baa smiles and announces that tomorrow 7 days will complete and she will announce her yogya bahu. Anant says let us have cake prepared by Gehna in an oven. Baa and Bapuji cut cake. Hansa tells Kanak that she was ruing the house till now, but now Gehna will, so she should do something.

Gehna returns to her room and sees Anant searching. Anant asks if she can search whatever he is searching via her magic. She nervously asks what. He says her smile. She smiles. He says he didn’t know even he can do magic and wishes her all the best for yogya bahu competition results tomorrow. She says he gave her something, so even she wants to give him something. She asks what. She gives him choc and says happiness, she bought it from her first earning and wanted to give him yesterday, but seeing him angry didn’t have courage to give it. He shares choc with her and says first earning’s first sweet is very tasty and goes to meet his parents. Kanak with Hema walks in next and tells Gehna that today is a big day for Baa and Bapuji, so all 3 bahus should visit temple and pray for Baa and Bapuji. Gehna agrees. Kanak says they all 3 should wear their jewelry to temple. Gehna asks reason. Kanak says she wants to click pictures with jewelry and since she would feel weird alone, she wants Hema and Gehna also to wear their jewelry. Gehna agrees. Hema reminds Kanak that they had exchanged Gehna’s jewelry with fake one. Kanak says its her plan to blame Gehna in front of Baa and oust her from competition.

Precap: Kanak tells Gehna that there is a black mark on her jewelry. Hansa checks and says its a fake jewelry. Baa challenges Gehna to prove herself innocent within 24 hours.

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Written Update Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th February 2021

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