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Written Update RadhaKrishn 8th January 2021

Mahadev warns Guru Shukracharya that he has to attack him before attacking Krishna. Shukracharya bends down and asks how can he attack him as he got everything from him, but before going he wants to say that he insulted his devotee to protect his disciple. Mahadev says he insulted him with his heinous act. Krishna continues his meditation. Radha thanks Mahadev for his help. Sam continues praying Mahadev. Mahadev emerges in front of him again. Sam says he at last helped Krishna, so he has to fulfill my wish now. Mahadev agrees. Sam asks him to give his damroo. Mahadev says his damroo brings disaster, so he cannot give it. Sam asks to give him damroo made out of rishi Dathi’s bones then. Mahadev gives him damroo and warns him that he cannot use it to harm anyone. Sam agrees. Balram sees Krishna completing stages of meditation. Radha says once he wakes up, she will ask him a question. Gowri mata tells Mahadev that seeing Krishna meditation, she didn’t think it would complete, but it is completing, but hopes Radha doesn’t put him in a dilemma again. Mahadev says Krishna’s kundalini is awakened, but is meditation hasn’t completed yet; after sometime, he will get 7 musical tones and will play it for Radha, Radha will gain knowledge of love, only then his meditation will complete.

Jamvait wakes up and walks away fuming that Krishna’s meditation is completing and they are defeated. Krishna awakens all kundalinis and opens his eyes. Jamvati walks to Sam and apologizes for not spoiling Krishna’s meditation via guru Shukracharya. Sam says he is not defeated, it was just his plan, he and asur guru Shukracharya made a plan which will not let them defeated. Jamvati asks what does he mean, even after Krishna completed his meditation, does he think they can defeat Krishna even now. Sam gets Mahadev’s gifted Damroo and says its made of rishi Dathi and its sound is strong like rishi Dathi’s bones. Jamvati asks how will they win with this damroo. Sam says even Mahadev, Narayan or any gods cannot stop this damroo’s sound.

Krishna hopes Radha is ready now as he will give him brahma gyaan/knowlege; there are 7 skies, 7 rainbow colors, 7 oceans, even this bansuri’s sound has 7 tones, etc., so if Radha is ready to hear these 7 musical tones. Radha says she is ready. Krishna picks his bansuri and asks her to listen to its each tone carefully as each tone is a brahma gyaan. All gods gather to hear bansuri. Devi Gowri says she is eager to hear Krishna’s bansuri sound. Mahadev says looks like its time for Radha and Krishna reuniting. Krishna plays bansuri. Balram says first sound is from saptarishi, second from above earth from devlok, third one from under the earth from patal lok’s fire. Radha gets mesmerized in music. Jamvati asks Sam when will he play bansuri. Sam says there is time for that. Balram says fourth tone is from 7 oceans, fifth gone means panchangani tone from indradhanush’s seven colors. RAdah’s 5 kundalini’s wakeup. Balram says sixth tone is from Krishna’s awakened kundalini. Radha feels it. Mahadev says once Radha gets brahma gyaan, Krishna’s meditation will be complete and Radha Krishna will be togetehr forever. All gods shover flowers from sky. Balram says one 7th tone enters bansuri, Radha’s all chakra/kundalini’s will be complete. Sam plays damroo just then. Devi Gowri asks Mahadev why she is hearing damroo sound and not bansuri, will Radha forget everything. Mahadev says this is Sam’s evil trick. All gods and even Radha hold their ears unable to bear it. Balram asks Radha to concentrate on music and complete all 7 chakras. Devi Gowri asks Krishna not to stop playing bansuri. Mahadev says Sam tricked him, so he will go and take back damroo from Sam.

Sam continues playing damroo thinking do Krishna doesn’t hear damroo sound, Radha will hear it for sure and lose her concentration. Mahadev emerges and orders Sam to return his damroo as he tricked him. Sam says he promised not to harm any human, but he is not; with this damroo sound, Radha Krishna will forget separate forever. Mahadev disappears. Sam continues playing damroo. Balram says he will not spare him today and tries to attack, but fails. Krishna stops bansuri and says he cannot harm Sam as he has protective shield. Balram asks him to stop Sam then. Sam says Krishna’s defeat is for sure today. Rada collapses. Krishna runs and holds her. Sam says Krishna’s meditation is spolt, so now Radha and Krishna will be separated forever. Radha opens eyes and pushing Krishna away asks who is he and how dare he is to touch her. Krishna, Balram, Mahadev, Parvati get sad seeing that while Sam and Jamvati smirk.

Precap: Krishna tells Radha that she can see all the moments they spent together. Radha asks what is her place in his life. He says she is his love. She says he is lying and walks away.

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Written Update RadhaKrishn 8th January 2021

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