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Written Update Qurbaan Hua 8th January 2021

Neel makes Chahat swear how the wall of their different religions would never come in between them, Chahat also says that they both would destroy this wall of religion and make a new wall, Neel stop saying how Vyas je would kill him so he would marry Hindu girl which worries Chahat, Neel then asks why Chahat is worried because he would fight with anyone just for her.

Mansoor explains to Ghazala how she has gotten the ticket to contest the elections from Devpriagh, he explains how she would be able to win the election because she is helping a lot of poor people to which Ghazala explains that they would have to make the people if they are to get any votes because of the Dhiani family she lost everything and till now her husband is in their custody and they have even forced her step daughter to marry the Hindu son of Mant Vyas and she is still in their custody, Ghazala exclaims how her dreams of being a politician rests on the destruction of the Dhiani family.

Neel and Chahat are riding the bike, suddenly Chahat asks him to stop the bike while she runs to a tree exclaiming how she has never seen so many Priyaghpushb on a singly tree, the people exclaim how a couple has come into their village who love each other to the extent that they would give their lives for each other, Neel sees how a Priyaghpushb falls before him so he taking it to Chahat kneels mentioning how people say that they both have different gods but there is a single nature and it has accepted them both so he asks Chahat if she would accept him for the entirety of their lives, Chahat taking the flower accepts it.

Neel stands and is really smiling exclaiming how they usually kiss but Chahat exclaims that she would slap him if he does anything of the sort, they are walking when Chahat exclaims how she is really scared about if Vyas je would give them his blessings, Neel gets a call and is shocked to hear it, he exclaims how the police have found a knife and it even has finger prints but the police are calling them so now they would be able to find the truth of the murder of Saraswathi.

Godamabri asks why is Vyas je not standing for the elections because they have come to know that a Muslim woman is standing as a constant and then Godambari exclaims that what happens if she wins to which Vyas je exclaims that it would be because the public has trust on her even then he doesnot have any interest in politics, Meera also says that he is right because politics is a dirty game.

Chahat is asked to identify the knife and she says that she is sure, Neel inquires if they are able to find the identity of the attacker, the inspector explains how they found a set of fingerprints however were not able to find a match as they have checked he doctors and the staff at the hospital however he feels that the attacker might be close to him and could even be from his family. Neel gets angry exclaiming how he is aware that Vyas je desired to get justice for his daughter but could never try to kill anyone, Chahat walking out of the police station says that she suspects Baleq for the incident, Neel doesnot believe anything which Chahat says when she explains how he is at every place there is an incident.

Neel and Chahat reach the house where Meera greet them with flowers exclaiming how they marriage was false the previous time however she has taken permission from Vyas je to allow them so they can both get married this time, Meera is really excited saying how she would arrange the dress of Neel and has even selected the jewellery for Chahat, they stop her explaining how they have to find the attacker and prove the innocence of her father before she can reveal her true identity to Vyas je.

Meera explains how she should never tell Vyas jee about her identity about being a Muslim because she wonders if he would ever accept her identity, Neel exclaims that they can no longer live with their heads down because they want to get married after everyone accepts their identities, Meera exclaims how she would not leave until they are not able to get married.

Baleq is wondering how he would come to know the truth about the survival of Dr Baig, Chahat comes into the room with a glass of juice exclaiming how she has come to take the clothes of kripa, she asks him to have some juice sent by Godamabri, Baleq inquires if she knows the condition of Baig, Chahat mentions that she thought he desired to kill Dr Baig but Baleq mentions that he said this in anger, Chahat takes the glass of Neel saying that she has got the finger prints of Baleq, Neel exclaims how he suspicion would be false but Chahat says that they should get it tested and then they leave.

Baleq thrashes the entire room in anger when Naveli comes saying that the knife is not there, Baleq remembers how he left it in the hospital and then thinks that Chahat had come to his room with the glass so that she can take his fingerprints, Baleq taking out the id card plans to not let Chahat reveal his truth because he would find out the truth which she is hiding.

Neel hands the fingerprints to the inspector who hands it to the forensic scientist, and he starts performing the required tests, Baleq is also searching for the truth of Chahat, the scientist explains how the fingerprints are a full match and Baleq is also sure to find the truth of Chahat.

Precap: the police have come to arrest Baleq, Ghazala calls Godamabri exclaiming how she knows that Chahat is a problem for them and she would remove her but requires Godambari to perform a task, Ghazala wonders how she would wait for a day as they are the signs of the day of judgment.

Update Credit to: Sona

Written Update Qurbaan Hua 8th January 2021

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