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Written Update Namak Issk Ka 9thFebruary 2021

Scene 1
Yug fills Kahani’s hairline. Everyone is shocked. Kahani touches the sindur. She stands frozen. Ronak shouts are you crazy? She is my love. Yug says to read the mantras pandit ji. Iravati says Yug don’t do this. She falls. Yug picks Kahani and takes the rounds. Ronak says stop it. Dadi shouts Yug stop it. He takes the rounds. Kahani tries to break free. Gunjan cries. Ronak tries to release the mangalsutra. Gunjan says how can Yug do this didi? Please ask him to come downstairs. Please ask him to stop. Rupa stands silent. Gunjan screams please don’t do this Yug. Please stop Yug. She says I told you didi, I was scared. She screams. Gunjan cries. Yug says DILs of the house have right on mangalsutra, not dancers. Gunjan faints. Rupa holds her.

Yug comes downstairs. Kahani falls down. Yug comes to Ronak and says what did you say? You will marry this dancer? Today or tomorrow? Now never. She is the DIL of your house now. Now you aren’t that disgusting that you will keep a bad eye on your sister in law right? Give her your blessings. Saroj falls down. Dadi shouts Yug.. The dancer who shouldn’t even have shadow in our house, you filled her hairline. You could kill her. You have insulted this pure sindur. Iravati says Rupa.. Gunjan.. Yug what did you do? She faints. Yug takes her inside.

Scene 2
Saroj calls the doctor. Everyone is worried for her. He says give her the medicine from last time. Saroj asks Dolly to get the medicine. Saroj says the doctor said she will be conscious. What will we say? What did you do Yug? Look at Gunjan. Didn’t you think about her once? You ruined it all. He says amma, you all saw what Ronak said. What could I do? Let him ruin Rupa’s life? Let him marry Kahani? Iravati made me promise to never let Ronak marry Kahani. Juhi says there must be some other solution. Dadi says what else would you expect from men of this house. Yug says I did it all for my bhabhi maa. She is more than Devi maa for me.

Ronak sits in shock. Kahani is sitting in the mandap. Kahani gets up and comes to Ronak. Kahani says what happened. She shoves Ronak. Kahani says what happened? She grasps his face and says tell me. What did you do? He says my brain isn’t working. She says see this sindur. you did all this. He says me? She says yes. He says I was gonna marry you. Kahani shouts shut up. Don’t say a word. You made me this helpless. Am I a puppet? you all think of me as a puppet. First that Thakur, then you, then your brother Yug. Ronak says I was gonna marry you. Kahani says you only blackmailed me. And your brother.. He married me. Am I a toy? Is this a tug of war? He pulled with more power and won today? She cries. I am a human, not a toy. She cries. But enough of all this. You all have ruined my life enough. Not anymore. If you are done now, please stop it. Please I beg you. I have no hopes for you. I beg you one last time, everything is over. Please release my Rani and Lucky now.

Saroj says to Yug listen. He says you want to know why I did all this? He shows her the chit and says so no other woman finds a chit like this. It’s Saroj’s husband’s letter. Yug says there was no other way out. Saroj says I don’t know what to do now. She cries. She says to save one life, you ruined three. Your, Gunjan’s and Kahani’s. This fire will burn everything. I don’t know what’s next but I know it won’t be good.

Ronak calls his goons and asks them to leave Rani and Lucky to their place. He says you said I used you like a puppet. I loved you. She says this isn’t love. When you love, you don’t blackmail. You sacrifice, don’t force another person. You tortured me, my siblings, Rupa even your own son. Love isn’t this selfish. He says what about me? no one ever cared about me. I had to be selfish. Rupa saved Amma’s life. Why did she present me as a gift? Kahani says can’t you see? There is a good woman in your life who loves you. Can’t you see how good she is. That is why your mother married you to her. Roank says wow you speak so well. Rupa’s lawyer is here. She is devi. Take her to the temple, not my heart. I don’t want to love her. My heart was on you. what’s my mistake. I am not happy with her. I am happy with you, I love you, I want to marry you. You only know when you suffer. And yes, I only love you.

Scene 3
Gunjan cries. Rupa says Gunjan.. Gunjan shoves her hand and says don’t touch me. Rupa says why are you saying that? Gunjan says what else should I say? You were everyone’s favorite. What about me? Do I not exist? Rupa says it’s not like that. Gunjan says really? Then why Iravati sees the pain in your heart but not my tears? Why the entire house only cares about your feelings? Rupa this, Rupa that. No one cares about my feelings. You are everyone’s number 1. I don’t deserve anything? Am I so bad? That the person who I loved so much, who I was going to marry, he was taken away from me. And why? Only because of you. I hate you. Rupa says listen.. Gunjan shoves her. Rupa falls down. Ravi falls down as well. They both pick her up. Gunjan says are you okay papa? She cries and says I know what do you want to say, papa. But what happened today, I will never forgive Rupa for that. I won’t ever, she leaves. Rupa cries and says what do I do now papa?

Gunjan comes out in anger. She recalls everything. Gunjan picks Kahani and drags her. She throws Kahani in the fire. Kahani screams. Rupa says are you crazy? Leave her. Gunjan says she ruined my life. Gunjan says I will kill her. Yug holds Gunjan. Gunjan says she has to die. You proved everyone right. You proved you are selfish. You can only break people’s houses and life. Kahani screams and shouts enough. She breaks things in anger. Kahani says enough. You all have said enough. You all have insulted me enough. Now I will speak and all of you will listen. What do you think I stole your husband? ANd you Rupa? Do you also think I stole your husband? And you Saroj, you think I stole your son. And dadi you think, I did everything wrong? Dadi says, you dancer.. Kahani shouts my name is Kahani. I will speak the truth now. Yug was there for Rupa but I am alone. I will speak up for myself. The truth is that Ronak loves me but I never loved him. She cries. Everyone is shocked. Saroj says to Kahani you said you saw the truth in my eyes. I might be helpless. I was very helpless. I was forced. I was so helpless. My siblings, Rani and Lucky. I was silent for them. This man kidnapped my siblings. Everyone is shocked.

Episode ends.


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Written Update Namak Issk Ka 9thFebruary 2021

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