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Written Update Namak Issk Ka 8th February 2021

Scene 1
Yug says a lot of women fill their hairline but my bhabhi maa is removing her sindur for her husband. When she got to know he loves this dancer, she decided to get him married to her husband. Saroj says Ronak? What is he saying? Is that true? Tell me. Ronak says yes it is. Everyone is shocked. Saroj says look at me. Tell me he’s lying. Saroj falls down. Yug picks her. She cries. Saroj says under my nose, you were doing this and I couldn’t know. She hits Ronak. She says how could I not know? Where were you? She hits Yug as well. Saroj says you are so brave now? She hits Ronak. Saroj cries and says you didn’t even think about your son or me? What did I give birth to? What are you? Dadi slaps Ronak and says such a lie. Dadi slaps Kahani and says I know how to teach a snake like you a lesson. Come with me. She holds Kahani’s hand. Ronak says to leave Kahani’s hand. I said leave my Kahani’s hand. She shoves dadi. Dadi says your Kahani? He says yes my Kahani. Should I say in detail? She is my love. I will marry her, I love her. And that’s why Rupa was getting me married to her. Dadi says love story? Saroj says to Rupa I only saw a woman giving her life but not her sindur. How did you do this? Why didn’t you tell me all this? You suffered alone. Why? Yug says for me and Gunjan. So Gunjan’s heart doesn’t break. So even if her house breaks, our is built.

Ronak says I love Kahani. Saroj says one more time you call it love, I will kill you. She shoves him in anger. Ronak says what is the meaning of love amma? She says what you are doing isn’t love. This is a craze. Yug says I won’t let you ruin bhabhi maa’s life. Ronak says this is my life and I will decide what happens. Amma, Rupa saved your life. You could give him property, jewelry but you gave me as a gift. Yug says Ronakk… Ronak says stop saying that. You revolve around your bhabhi all the time. Dadi says shut up. He says you shut up. What did I deserve to get this burned bread? I don’t love Rupa, I don’t wanna marry her.

Yug grasps his collar and says don’t even dare to say a word against bhabhi maa. Rupa says stop it Yug. You can marry someone by force but you can’t force love on someone. My husband doesn’t love me. She cries. Everyone is crying. Rupa says I want to go away from here. I am getting him married to Kahani. For Gunjan and Yug. For Ronak’s happiness. Please end all this. Let him marry and let me go. Yug says I won’t let that happen. She says will force him to stay with me? He says marriage is done once. You are married to him. This thread won’t break. I won’t let him marry Kahani.

Harsh comes there and says papa, why is mama crying? Rupa hugs him. Harsh says why is Kahani aunty in bridal dress mama? Dadi, what is happening? Why is everyone statue. Everyone is crying. He says papa tell me. Rupa asks Dolly to take him inside. He says I won’t go. Dolly takes her inside. He says I want to see mama papa’s wedding. Dadi says to Kahani you shameless woman. A shameful woman doesn’t wear other people’s clothes and you took someone’s husband. Do you know the difference between a wife and a dancer? A dacner makes a home market. Saroj says to Kahani, I have seen the truth in your eyes. Tell me this all is a joke. A house is wrecking. Everyone is hurt. Everyone said what they wanted to. Please tell us the truth. Kahani cries. Saroj says our home would wreck. Please say the truth. Kahani looks at Ronak. Saroj says please tell me, what is your problem? I am with you. Tell me the truth. Kahani says truth is that.. Ronak loves me a lot. Not Rupa. When there’s no love, there can’t be worth of tears. Harsh is a kid. For me, Ronak’s happiness matters. That’s why I want him to leave his wife and son.. Saroj slaps her. Roank says amma, you can’t hit my wife to be. She slaps her again. Ronak holds her hand. Yug holds Ronak. Ronak says what wrong did I do? I will marry Kahani. Do whatever you want. Pandit ji start the mantra and turn the fire on. Dadi says don’t even dare. Ronak says I will turn this mandap into havan kund.

Pandit ji lights the fire. Ronak picks fire and says move aside everyone. he says Saroj to move. Dadi says what are you doing? Ronak says come here Kahani. Kahani goes there. Yug stands in front of Ronak and says burn me. Saroj also stands and says burn me. Ronak throws the stick but it falls. Ronak says I knew her magic isn’t strong enough to let you kill me.

Iravati comes and says think about what I will do to you. He says you don’t have to think, I will do it myself. He pours petrol on himself and says I can’t burn you but I will burn myself. Pandit ji start the pheray. Rupa stops Ronak and says marry her. Yug throws a pot at his hand and grasps him. He takes Ronak downstairs. They hit each other. Yug ropes Ronak and says what did I say? I won’t let you marry that dancer. Ronak says this is your misunderstanding. I am independent. I will marry her if not today, tomorrow. I will find her and marry her in front of you. This Kahani will be mine then I will see what will you do. Yug stands up. Ronak says what happened? Yug walks towards Kahani. Ronak says don’t even dare to touch her. Yug keeps walking. Ronak says stop.. Yug comes in front of Kahani and fills her hairline. Everyone is shocked. Kahani stands frozen there. She touches the sindur.

Episode ends.


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Written Update Namak Issk Ka 8th February 2021

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