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Written Update Namak Issk Ka 25th February 2021

Scene 1
Gunjan cuts her wrist in anger as she recalls Iravati’s words to be stubborn about her love now. Gunjan writes ‘I love you Yug’ on the paper with her blood.

Kahani, Rani, and Yug come to a travel agent. He says we have to get passports ready. Kahani says why? Yug says we will go all together for a honeymoon. He tells the agent that Lucky was not feeling well so I will bring him later on. Kahani tells Yug that I won’t go to a foreign country, where will I stay there? Yug says if you stay here then Ronak will try something else, you have tried to destroy a marriage, if you and Ronak had not taken steps like these before then I wouldn’t be doing this. The agent asks Kahani to sit for the photo, he takes her photo and says her eyes are pretty. Yug murmurs they are clever too. The agent asks Rani about her father’s name. She says it’s Kahani Yug Partabh, I am an orphan and Kahani is our everything. Yug says we will come to pick passports later on.

Yug, Kahani and Rani come home. Ronak looks at them and thinks I will get my milky white back from him. All family members come there. Iravati says she is a shame for us so don’t roam with her around. Saroj tells Yug that you can’t be roaming with her like she is your wife. Did you forget who she is? Gunjan comes there and says I won’t let him forget that I love him a lot. She throws papers in the air and I love you is written on them with blood. All look on. Iravati is stunned. Gunjan says I love you so much.. all see her slit cut and blood dripping. All rush to her but Gunjan shows them her knife and says don’t come near me. She says Yug has to answer me today. I want to know what is going on between you and Kahani? I am ready to kill myself for you and you can’t even answer me? Yug says this is madness. Gunjan says I just need you. Iravati asks her to stop but she says I want answers. Gunjan asks Yug if Kahani is important to him more than her? Iravati tells Yug to just answer her. Do as she says. Dadi tells Iravati to not threaten my grandson. Ronak thinks what is this drama? Saroj tells Gunjan that I promised Yug will marry you, trust me. Gunjan says I want an answer from Yug, will you marry me Yug? It’s either me or Kahani. Yes or no? Will you marry me? She puts a knife on her neck. Yug says yes, I will marry you. Gunjan says don’t lie to me, tell me the truth. Will you marry me? Yug says trust me, I will marry you. Gunjan says you are my love, I have loved you for life. Yug says okay, I will marry you, just throw this knife away. Gunjan throws it away. Yug says let’s go to the hospital. She says no, first you have to make me trust that you will marry me. He says how? She shows him a mangalsutra and says end my wait now, just make me wear it. Kahani is stunned to hear that. Yug turns to look at Kahani. Iravati says don’t look at her, Gunjan is your truth so make her wear it. She asks Saroj to persuade him. Saroj says I told her that I will get Yug married to her so why she is doing it? Ronak says if Yug is telling the truth then he should make Gunjan wear the mangalsutra. Saroj says to Yug that you will marry Gunjan someday so just make her wear it if it will make her trust you. Yug looks on and turns to Kahani again. Kahani is in tears. Saroj asks Yug to just do it. Yug takes the mangalsutra and makes Gunjan wear it. Kahani touches her sindoor and recalls her wedding with Yug. Gunjan hugs Yug and says I knew it. Gunjan thanks Yug and says I knew you love me, you proved me right today. Ronak says wow, this is like a lucky draw, one has sindoor and another one has mangalsutra. Rupa takes Gunjan from there to her bandage. Rani says Yug is wrong. Kahani asks her to go to her room. Iravati says Kahani deserves this Rani says my didi doesn’t do anything wrong with anyone. Kahani asks her to go to her room but Ronak stops her. Ronak tells Yug to confirm if Kahani will stay in this house anymore? Saroj shouts that you have created all this mess, Yug had to marry Kahani because of you. Ronak says what have I done? Saroj says Kahani would have left the house but this Ronak would have gone behind her that’s why Yug keeps Kahani in this house. Ronak says yes I had a connection with Kahani but I have broken it, I am not on the wrong path anymore. You people should trust me. Iravati tells Yug that you made this Kahani in this house to save Rupa’s relationship? Gunjan tells Yug that I am sorry, I thought wrong about you. If Ronak does anything wrong now then Iravati will handle him. Kahani can leave now, I will throw her out. Gunjan tells Kahani to leave the house as confusion is clear. We all know the truth, I am Yug’s wife now and you are just a dancer. Kahani glares at her. Saroj tells Iravati that I will handle everything. Ronak says don’t worry anymore, I don’t have any interest in Kahani anymore. Gunjan tells Kahani that Yug is mine and will remain mine. Kahani looks at Yug. Gunjan asks her to not look at him. Yug starts leaving from there. Gunjan pushes Kahani and asks her to get lost. Kahani and Yug recall their marriage moments as Gunjan is pushing Kahani out of the house. More piya plays. Gunjan asks her to get lost and pushes her but Kahani slaps her hard. Gunjan says how dare you? She tries to slap but Kahani holds her hand. Dadi says how dare she. Yug turns to look at them. Kahani tells Gunjan that you have lost blood already so don’t burn it anymore. Iravati charges at her but Kahani says I can blast like a bomb so stay away. Yug looks on.

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Written Update Namak Issk Ka 25th February 2021

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