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Written Update Namak Issk Ka 16th February 2021

Scene 1
Kahani comes crying to the room recalling all the insults. Kahani says I will tell Yug I am his childhood friend. He will understand me. Our friendship is old. No one will insult me then. Saroj says Yug we have to do munh dikhai. Dadi says this dancer came to this house, don’t you think people were talking? You have the fate of letting dancers ruin your house. Rupa says this isn’t Amma’s mistake. Dadi says she lost her son and husband to dancers. SHe couldn’t be a good mother of her husband. Rupa says you can’t tlak to her like that. Dolly brings something and says amma ji you asked for it. Dadi says yeah you are going to do munh dikhai of a dancer, so I got something similar for you. You have no shame left. So better wear these ghungros. Saroj cries. Dadi throws ghungro in her feet. Yug shouts dadi ma.. She says my pride is more important than you. Don’t shout in front of me. Dadi says one more thing, this dancer won’t be given all these rituals in this house. Iravati says let her do my side of drama as well. Yug hugs Saroj.

Kahani wipes her tears. Yug comes in. Kahani says I have to tell you something. You were asking me why I didn’t leave yesterday? This is why.. He shoves her key. HE says because you wanted money and a big house. You got it all through Roank or me it doesn’t matter. Ronak ruined all lives because of you. He says ma mom, bhabhi maa, and Gunjan everyone is hurt because of you. These fake tears are your plot. You are a curse. Like you ruined our house. You’re greedy. I never imagined I would hate someone this much. She says then you stay away from me. I am flame, if you come near me, you will burn. I won’t care, because I am greedy. After all, I am a dancer. He leaves. Kahani cries. Kahani says you can’t find your friend in this dancer. I stayed here to find about my parents. Yet you think I am here for drama. So let it be.

Scene 2
A lot of guests come and the event starts. Iravati says we didn’t have munh dikhai, who called all these guests? Saroj says I don’t know, who called them? Dadi says ask them to leave. Saroj says my DIL isn’t well so we won’t do any ritual. Kahani comes and says stop. Kahani says I invited them. Who sends guests back? I am the new DIL of this house, Kahani Yug Partap Rajput. Dadi says sorry everyone, there’s no ritual today. Kahani says no, there will be a ritual and it’s a dancer’s ritual, it will happen with dance. SHe says to Iravti now you will see the mehfil. You were right, I am a stain but you forgot, kajal can go away, stains can’t. What will you do now? Adjust the date?

Kahani brings her statue and starts dancing. Yug comes there as well. Kahani dances around them. Yug breaks the speakers. He shoves Kahani and holds her. Yug says I am sorry but please everyone go home. They all leave and taunt them of having a dancer DIL.

Scene 2
Dolly says I mixed rose in this water for Gunjan to get ready before the wedding. She hasn’t even eaten. Patanga says let’s take food for her. They leave the petals’ milk in the kitchen. Iravati comes there and boils it. She says Kahani I couldn’t kill you, your beauty is the reason that took my daughter’s happiness. I can take that beauty from you.

Kahani says leave my hand. The ritual isn’t over yet. Maa start the ritual. She says maa.. You wanted to do my ritual, let’s do it. Dadi says Saroj.. Kahani wears a chunri she says you are my DIL, please start it. Saroj does the ritual. Dadi is angry. Iravati says Kahani.. She brings hold milk and throws it on Kahani. Yug shoves her hand and saves Kahani. It burns him a little. Saroj says are you okay? Gunjan says are you okay? Please sit. Saroj asks Juhi to bring ice. Yug says I am fine. Iravati says why do you always save this dancer? Rupa says this is Yug. He doesn’t let a crime happen. Iravati says the injustice is done with my daughters and she has done. I will not leave her face worth seeing. I will cut the root. Rupa says come in senses. She says I am, she’s lost in her beauty. Dadi says Iravat.. you couldn’t even target it right. You burned Yug. Saroj says amma please stop it. Dadi says how will punish this Kahani? Iravati says I will. She takes the boil towards her.

Rupa says enough. Her beauty isn’t the problem, my face is. This scar ruined my life and my family. How long will you hurt people for my fate? See what happened to Yug. Iravati says I didn’t want to hurt them. Rupa says but you did. Every time you try to hurt a girl, Yug will stand in front of her. He will keep tolerating the pain but won’t say anything. He’s like that. I can’t see him in any more pain. So you better learn to control your anger. I forgot one relationship. I will forgive the other one as well. Iravati says Rupa.. Rupa says this is Yug’s bhabhi ma’s vow. Iravati as leaves. Yug leaves as well.

Scene 3
Rupa says to Ronak you’re responsible for all this. He says I am not the cow who got the milk, nor did I throw the milk. Dadi says don’t blame him. Men are like kids. They go after anyone. You gave him that dancer’s pallu. She is responsible for all this. Ronak says let it be. Dadi says because of them our house is ruined. Brides don’t dance at their rituals. Yug had to marry her because of you.

Harsh comes and asks Rupa why are you cyring? You were crying the other day. Why is mama always crying? Ronak says she isn’t crying. Rupa says some dirt went in my eye. Let’s go do your homework. She leaves.

Episode ends.


Update Credit to: Atiba

Written Update Namak Issk Ka 16th February 2021

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