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Written Update Namak Issk Ka 15th February 2021

Scene 1
Iravati says I will kill that dancer. Gunjan says like you tried to kill papa? I know your truth. I am the one who was trying to make you confess. Iravati is shocked. Iravati says you should have asked me directly. Thank God, I didn’t do anythign. I could harm my daughter not knowingly. Gunjan says I don’t care. I only wanted to get you punished but now I am punished for your sins. My Yug is taken away from me. She cries. Iravati says come with me. She takes her to Ravi. Gunjan says you wanted me to say the truth right? Yes, I tried to kill your papa. Go call the police. Iravati says you are wondering why am I doing this? The deceit you got today, I got it years ago. Ronak cheated on Rupa, Yug on you, and your papa on me. For a woman, he was going to leave you and Rupa and me. To stop him, I took this step in anger. Ravi tries to say she’s lying but he can’t. Iravati says he cheated on me. You lost your finance, I lost my husband. A mother can’t face injustice. I wanted to keep your father with you even in this condition. Your tears made me do this today and that day as well. I know Ravi if you could speak you would say that I am lying. But I have proof. A woman always suffers. I never showed this proof of his betrayal to anyone but I will today. She shows her the photo. She says this is that woman and her daughter. This is the proof. You can believe it if you want to.

Scene 2
Yug opens his eyes. He looks around for Kahani. He sees her sleeping in the temple. Yug picks her up. Saroj comes there with chunri. It falls on both of them. Yug takes her to the room. Saroj says you have given them your blessings. It was your decision for them.

Rupa wakes up thinking about everything. Rupa says my relationship with Ronak is over. But neither Yug nor my heart is agreeing.

Yug brings Kahani to the room and recalls he hit her. He says are you okay? Kahani sees the lock. She says he tried to kill me, I won’t tell him the secret of childhood. He says you could run, why did you stop. kahani walks away. He says I am talking to you. She says you have no right to ask me anything. Who are you? He says I am your.. She says you don’t accept this marriage, neither do I. You shouldn’t care where am I going. She drops the lock., Yug picks it.

Iravati says to Gunjan you couldn’t get what you wanted from Yug but you will get what you wanted from me. Let’s go to the police station. Gunjan says papa did wrong with you. I won’t. My pain is one day old, your pain is years old. I didn’t know why did you do that. I blamed you but you were the real culprit papa. You were gonna leave your wife and kids for another woman? I am ashamed of you. I am glad you were there to take care of me. No one was there. I am sorry. Please forgive me. She hugs Iravati. Iravati smirks at Gunjan. They leave.

Kahani comes to Ravi. She says you and Yug’s dad were friends right? My father was also their friend. Do you rememeber him? I don’t remember the name or face of my dad. I only have flashbacks of the day when I met Yug for the first time with my dad. Ravi recalls that day. He’s shocked. He recalls his daughter. Ravi puts his hand on her head and tries to tell her. He cries. Kahani says what happened? Why are you crying? You’re hurt for Gunjan, right? Like you I can’t share my pain with anyone else. I am always with you. You are like a father to me. She puts her head in his lap.

Scene 3
Iravati says to Saroj what is happening? you will do that dancer’s munh dikhai. Saroj says forgive me I know you don’t like all this. Neither do I but they are married now. Yug comes. Saroj asks about the bruise? He says I opened the door and it hit me. Yug says Kahani is my wife now. There will be no argument on it nor any rituals. Saroj says you are married to her, the ritual is important. Iravati says rituals are for daughters and DILs not dancers. Why are you making a stain kajal? Clean it, kick her out of this house. Dadi says Iravati is right. Iravati says will she dance in her munh dikhai. Dadi says she will make the house dirty. Why are you ruining this family’s name for her? She shouldn’t do munh dikhai, hide her face. I am with Iravati. Iravati says my name is Iravati. And you can’t reach to me. Follow me, that would be good. Gunjan says this cheap girl can’t have munh dikhai in this house. Ravi says in heart how do I tell you Gunjan, it wasn’t my mistake. it was your mother’s sin. Kahani isn’t a stranger, she’s my daughter, your sister.

Episode ends.


Update Credit to: Atiba

Written Update Namak Issk Ka 15th February 2021

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