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Written Update Mere Sai 6th January 2021

Villagers are helping Ramdas ji with the preps. Mitali’s mehendi ritual is going on. Her friends are teasing her. Ramdas ji looks at her affectionately. Baizama is watching him intently. Gomti ji walks up to her husband. haven’t you invited Sai for the ritual? Ramdas ji says I told him to come by afternoon. He must be here anytime.

Sai is looking at the perfumes. He asks Keshav to do something for him.

Ramdas ji gets emotional as he thinks of the little Mitali who used to chase him around the house and scold him whenever he came home late. Baizama cannot stop thinking what Sai had told her. Ramdas ji wipes his tears. Appa Kote says it is normal to feel emotional in such moments. Ramdas ji says my daughter is leaving me for forever. Keshav comes running there. Ramdas ji asks him why he is panting. Flashback shows Sai giving those perfumes to Keshav. Tell Ramdas to apply it on his shoulders for the next 3 days without fail. Flashback ends. Ramdas ji readily accepts Sai’s wish. He applies the perfumes one by one and takes the bottles from Keshav.

Ramdas ji experiences pain in his chest. Sai touches his chest impatiently in Dwarkamai at the same time. Baizama and Appa Kote hold Ramdas ji. Abdul and Udhav hold Sai. Ramdas ji starts feeling fine suddenly. Baizama asks him what happened. He shares that he experienced sharp pain suddenly but he is perfectly fine now. Baizama recalls Sai’s words. Is this his miracle too? What has he done?

Villagers have gathered in Dwarkamai. They are trying to wake up Sai but in vain. Keshav reaches there just then and demands to know what happened. Sai opens his eyes but he still seems to be in pain. He asks Keshav if he gave the perfume to Ramdas ji. Keshav nods. He has applied it as well. Sai is in a lot of pain. He passes out. Villagers decide to call a Vaid. They know there is no other Vaid than Sai and Sarkar. Srikanth ji tells Abdul to bring Vaid from Sakori. He tells Keshav to call Baizama here. She needs to be here right now.

A guy distributes prasad to a few passerby’s and walks away. Santa and Banta are right there but they don’t get the prasad. They are sure it must be because of that Fakir. We wont be able to get anything here till the time this Fakir is here! They see Abdul and Bheema approaching them. Abdul and Bheema are discussing Sai’s condition. Santa and Banta are thrilled to hear it. Let’s go to Dwarkamai to check on him.

Baizama and Appa Kote are on their way home when Keshav catches up with them. He tells them about Sai’s condition.

A lady notices lot many villagers in Dwarkamai. I wonder if Sai will have time to meet me or not. She informs Srikanth that she is here to meet Sai. Srikanth says it isn’t the right time. She insists that she is in trouble. I must meet him. He repeats his words politely but she shares that her son hasn’t returned home since yesterday. Please let me meet Sai once. He suggests her to approach police. She tells him that she is a step-mother. He ignores anything that I say. I consider him my son. Mother will discourage a kid if a kid will act naughty. He was being stubborn yesterday also. Gopal argues that no one used to question him or stop him from doing anything before she came here. You do all this to trouble me! That’s how step-mothers are. Even Baba knows that I remain upset because of you. That’s why he scolds you. I wont study and you can force me to study. Flashback ends. The lady says I lost my cool yesterday and scolded him. He hasn’t returned home since yesterday. My husband is out of town. He will find fault with me once he will come back. Even police will blame me. Only Sai can help me now. Srikanth says I understand your concern but Sai cannot help anyone right now. She finds it hard to believe. He can help anyone even when he is away from them. Please let me meet him once. He takes her inside. She is shocked to see Sai’s condition. What happened? Srikanth says he is ill. Is hasn’t happened before that someone has to return empty hand from here. She nods. I can understand. She leaves.

Champa tells Sai there is no bigger Vaid than him. Please tell us what we can do. Sai tells her to light a diya in the evening. He tells Srikanth to add logs in dhuni. Champa says this can happen later. Tell us how we can fix your health. We weren’t able to learn anything from you even after observing you all these years. Sai says this is Ram ji’s abode. People find peace and solace here. I may or may not live but Dwarkamai should survive! His words shock everyone to the core. Sai adds that they shouldn’t make any changes in the day-to-day activities. Champa asks him what he means. Srikanth asks him if this is also his doing. Just assure us that everything will be fine. You took samadhi years ago but you were fine again. This is similar to that? Sai says body cannot stay forever. It has to wither away someday. Nothing is in my hands this time. Everyone is in tears. Sai again tells them to add wood to the dhuni. Salim complies. Santa and Banta leave. Sai says someone else is managing my body, pain and fate this time. It all depends on him! He winces in pain.

Precap: Gopal’s father returns home and accuses his wife of carelessness. She requests him to scold her later. Let’s file a report first. You can punish or scold me later. Gopal calls her Aayi just then. Sai smiles through his pain.

Update Credit to: Pooja

Written Update Mere Sai 6th January 2021

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