Written Update for Kundali Bhagya, December 13, 2022

Anjali responds that she is aware that he can resolve every conflict, with the exception of Preeta’s because he is constantly thinking about her. Arjun states that he only sided with Rishab because of Preeta, but he did it for himself. Anjali understands that he will typically fight from the front and would use his own tactics to win the conflict in the example they choose. Anjali screams that she knows he’s bad, which is why she likes him; she embraces him and explains why she would always stick by his side.

Written Update Kundali Bhagya Today Episode

When Rishab and Mahesh both inquire about the reason for it, Rakhi explains that she met him outside of court and asked him to help retrieve the case, and he agreed. Preeta and Rishab both want to know how she met him. Rakhi angrily tells them both to stop harbouring hatred because relationships only succeed when they are based on affection. She acknowledges that he often accomplishes things without intending to, much like Karan, but that this never meant that he had to cause harm. Rakhi asks them to try and understand since she believes Arjun isn’t a bad person because he took full responsibility for the situation, and they are all aware that it was challenging to exonerate Rishab of all the accusations made against him. Arjun used the major tactic required to finish the meeting. Rakhi inquires as to who in modern times maintains a firm grasp on reality. She responds that she thinks Arjun should be the younger sibling to Rishab because she only has to worry about him and wonders what the point of all this animosity and fighting is. Can they not give him another chance, she says, as she feels he is not a bad person. Rakhi advises them to give up on this fight because life is too short to engage in constant conflict. Rakhi asks when she claimed he is Bhagwan, and Sameer responds that he agrees Arjun came to the court, but that he also tried to kill Rishab bhai. However, he may also be forgiven for everything because even he deserves another chance. Rakhi wonders whether they two won’t be able to forgive him for his actions.
Rakhi replies, “How would they do that when he has injured the entire Luthra family,” and Dadi agrees with Karina that they should all be able to forgive him whether or not Arjun ultimately accepted responsibility. Rishab shouts it isn’t so much that that and walks over to Rakhi, who explains that she is the mother and on the off chance that she thinks him should meet Arjun, he would go as he can thoroughly take care of his family. Rakhi says it is an incredibly huge thing when one understands his mistake and apologises. She also says that he is definitely not an untouchable, and they frequently meet him. Rishab informs Preeta that he will meet Arjun, and she exclaims that she too will go with him. Arjun is constantly enjoying the room, reflecting on the time when Preeta made the controlling request against him and she vowed to fight him and help free Rishab jee. He also considers the time when Rakhi slapped him. The worker arrives and informs Arjun that Rishab Luthra needs to meet him; he responds that he doesn’t need to meet Rishab since he can go hiking; the expert responds that even Preeta mam was saying the same thing; Arjun then agrees to meet them.

Kundali Bhagya 8Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

As Arjun walks away holding the alcohol bottle, he is shocked to see Rishab and Preeta discussing how she criticised him for using Anjali as payback. When Arjun inquires as to their needs, Rishab explains that he came here at his mother’s suggestion. His mother informed him that Arjun had made that admission at her urging, and she feels that since he is a pleasant person, they should put an end to all of their divisions and behave like educated people. Arjun responds that he generally takes care of himself, highlighting Preeta who claims that he uses women to fight his battles and is a bad person. She claims that she is happy that he was removed from the Luthra’s lives and she is happy. Rishab seeing his advances stop Arjun who believes he gave t, who then explains that his mother feels Arjun is like Karan because even he would have had zero desire to hurt anyone but caused it. Arjun exclaimed, “What is the point!” as Preeta hinted that she would banish him from the worlds of the Luthras and Kavya. If Rishab was not with Preeta and he broke every promise she made, they would all agree that Arjun oppressed a woman when the game should be played on an even playing field. Arjun claims he broke Rishab out of jail so he could live with Preeta.