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Written Update Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2021

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that someone wants to kill her as the shooter fires bullet at them. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and asks her to run. Pragya says she knows him as she hit the guy’s bike with the car and tells him that she will talk to him. Abhi says he is shooting and you will talk to him. The shooter aims a gun at them. Abhi asks Pragya to talk to that guy later, as she is shooting them now. Just then someone brings the car and stops on the way. Abhi asks Pragya to come and they run. Pragya sits in the car and asks him to drive. He asks how? She moves to the side seat and says sorry. He sits in the car and checks for the keys, gets down from the car. Pragya sees the shooter running and coming towards them. Abhi and Pragya look shocked. The shooter tries to shoot at him but gets short of bullets. Abhi asks if the bullets got fewer and ask him to fight with him. Just then he gets Purab’s call and tells him that he is doing the work of revenge. The shooter takes out a small gun and aims at Abhi. Pragya throws a stone on him to make the gun fall down. Abhi pushes the cart kept there and he falls down. Purab calls Abhi again. Abhi picks the call. Purab says he is happy to see them married. Pragya takes the call and tells him about the shooter behind them. Purab says he will call Police and asks her to call Police too. The Shooter gets up as he gets a call from the guy and informs him that they have run away. The guy says he has to hire more people to kill Abhi.

Abhi and Pragya come to the road and see the people dancing and horse standing there. Abhi says there were no guests in our marriage. Pragya says he didn’t call anyone. Just then Abhi sees the shooter coming there and goes to the horse owner and asks him to give the horse as he is the groom. He convinces him to give a horse. He then sits with Pragya and rides on it. The groom and his guests run behind the horse. The shooter goes back to get his bike. Ranbir talks to Jai and tells that if they take Dadi’s blessing then they will not let the marriage happen. Rhea calls him and asks about the dress which Pallavi gave him. She asks how is it? He says it is the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, seeing Prachi coming wearing the same dress. He hears the temple bell sound and asks Rhea if she is in the temple. She says yes, she will be in front of him very soon.

Abhi and Pragya are riding on the horse. Abhi tells that they will have a honeymoon after marriage and kisses on her cheeks. He asks if she will be only romantic and tells that he will take her to their home. Pragya says our home. She sees the shooter coming on the bike and tells Abhi. Abhi tells Pragya that they shall go through the kaccha/unconstructed way and not on road. The shooter thinks why are they going there. Pragya asks him to take the horse there.

Ranbir asks Aryan to handle the situation as Rhea came here and asks Shahana and Prachi to come. He takes them, while Rhea looks at him. Aryan tells Jai that they have to handle them.

A security guard of a building tells that Digvijay has called all the shooters. One of the shooters comes there. The security guard asks him to go to the hall. The horse stops all of a sudden. Abhi gets down and dances in front of the horse.

All the sharpshooters gather in the hall, waiting for Digvijay. A Shooter asks if anyone knows why they are called. A shooter says the party is big and powerful, maybe he is the army chief and that’s why we all are called to kill him. A shooter says where is the boss? The security guy informs Digvijay that everyone is in the hall. Digvijay gets down from the car and asks if all prayers are gathered, killing master, karate, blackbelt, sharpshooters, and knife experts. A shooter asks who is the guy, whom we have to kill? Digvijay says you have to kill him and then give me proof of his death. The shooter says your work will be done. Digvijay says the maximum time to kill him is 12 hours and says if you take more time than this, then the money will get less than 2 crores. A shooter asks about his enmity with him. Digvijay doesn’t tell him and asks everyone to check the details on the phone. A shooter says he doesn’t have a mobile. Digvijay gives him the pic and says the guy will have his wife with him, don’t shoot her, I thought something else for her. He says if you kill him in 10 mins then also you will get 2 crores and says your time starts now. He says if they couldn’t kill him then his international killers will kill him. They all leave. Digvijay thinks Abhi will be dead.

Precap will be added when available.

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Written Update Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2021

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