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Written Update Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2021

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking Purab where is your Pragya di? Purab says she must be in some problem, as she is not here. Aaliya says her intentions were not good and that’s why she left bhai here on a stretcher. Purab says Di called me and informed about him. Aaliya says Pragya doesn’t want to see my bhai alive and that’s why she went from here. She asks where is your Pragya di? Purab shouts at her. Aaliya says she has left him, as her revenge is completed and brought him in this condition. She says she married him for revenge. Dadi and Sarita behen shout at her. Aaliya asks if you are feeling bad? Sarita behen says she is feeling pity for her thoughts and says you know well that someone wants to kill Mr. Mehra and Pragya. Aaliya says your Pragya, Prachi are bad. Purab shouts at Aaliya. Aaliya says you are taking Pragya’s side even now and asks Dadi if she will support her even now. Dadi says Pragya didn’t do this. Aaliya says did you hear what Doctor said. Nurse says he is critical. Dadi gets worried for him.

She prays for Abhi seeing Doctor pumping his heart. The doctor asks the Nurse to call the senior doctor, says if he takes out the bullet then complications will increase. The nurse comes out to call the senior doctor and tells them what Doctor said. Pragya is still captive by the killer and finds her bangles broken. She asks the killer to let her go. He asks her to be quiet and be here until the boss comes. He calls someone seeing light flickering. The goon says it is a voltage issue. Pragya thinks first her kumkum is wiped and now bangles…She thinks nothing wrong shall happen with him. Rhea comes there with Mitali and asks where is Dad? She walks inside the OT and sees Abhi on a ventilator. The nurse asks who are you? Rhea says he is my dad and asks him to open his eyes. The nurse asks her to go out and asks why don’t you understand. Purab comes inside and asks her to come out. Rhea cries and says Dad will open his eyes seeing me. Purab takes her out. Rhea asks what happened to Dad. Aaliya says Bhai is unconscious and will ask you after gaining consciousness. Rhea asks what Doctor is doing, and asks what are they hiding? Aaliya says Doctors are doing their best, nothing serious. She hugs her. Rhea asks what happened to Dad? Purab says he is unconscious, you can meet him when he gets fine. Mitali asks what do you mean? She looks through the window pane and asks what happened to Abhi. She says Abhi and Pragya were together and asks where is Pragya? Aaliya asks Purab to reply. Rhea asks where is she? if she is fine. Pragya thinks to cut the rope with her broken bangles.

While the killer and the goon are checking the light, Pragya cuts the rope and manages to hide from their sight. The killer asks the goons to search her. Another goon says she is not outside. Killer says she shall not run away, else I will shoot everyone. Pragya hears them while hiding. A goon comes there. Pragya goes from there. Aaliya smiles. Rhea asks did I joke? Aaliya says I am not understanding if you are all blindfolded and says I will tell what Pragya has done. Dadi asks her to be quiet. Aaliya says Pragya succeeded to stop Meera and Bhai’s marriage, as she wanted to take revenge on him. She says she got succeeded in her plan and called us, telling us that they are here, but when we came, she was not here and Bhai was abandoned on the stretcher unattended. She says Pragya had left him here as her aim was fulfilled. Rhea says this can’t be true. Aaliya says when someone hates someone then do this. She says Pragya can do anything and tells that she had left Bhai when Kiara was born, when you both were born. Prachi comes there and says my mother can’t do this and says she didn’t leave hope to meet papa when she was away from him. She tells that if she is not here then there must be some reason. The senior doctor comes there and tells them that he will check him. Doctor says survival chances are 50-50, if we take out the bullet then…Senior doctor says chance is just 5 percent and tells that if we don’t take out the bullet then the chance is zero. He asks the doctor to ask his family to talk to his family and asks them to pray for him. The doctor comes out and asks them to pray for him. Rhea says nothing can happen to Dad. The doctor tells that his organs are failing and the brain is nearly damaged. Purab says survival percentage. Doctor says just 5 percent. They all are shocked.

Pragya hides from the killer still. Killer also walks silently, to catch her. Pragya sits behind the drum and thinks she will go out in few seconds. Some waterdrops fall on her head and her kumkum is about to be wiped. She thinks nothing can happen to him. She goes out. The killer hears the door sound and asks the goons to catch her. Pragya sits in the car parked there. The killer comes out and asks the goon to tell him if he sees Pragya. Goon says he is going to give some stuff deliver and asks him to see in the decky if the stuff is right. Pragya gets tensed.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Written Update Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2021

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