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Written Update Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2021

The episode starts with Dadi and Sarita Ben both happy that Pragya confessed her relationship with Abhi. Dadi takes her to temple for thanksgiving.

The lady inspector places a charge on Meera and Alia for their attempt to marry an already married man. Pragya tells Alia she told her already she will have to leave the house again. Abhi asks Pragya if she will keep on asserting her right only or has something else to say as well. Pragya questions if Abhi wants her to apologize him? She will never let Abhi repeat whatever he did to her, not to Meera or anyone else. Purab thinks about controlling the situation. Abhi says he feels Pragya cannot see him with someone else, and bear someone else in his life. Pragya says Abhi has mocked her feelings and came with invitation of his second marriage to her. He crossed all lines of hurting her. Abhi complains Pragya could never understand him. Pragya claims him a liar. He is tired of living alone and wants a new wife. Abhi says now, neither any law nor any family can stop him. He drags Meera to the Mandap. The inspector tries to arrest Meera. Alia says she will now prove Pragya is not her brother’s wife, and Abhi’s wedding is not illegal.

Shahana stops Prachi in the temple and asks what she was saying about Pandit ji. Shahana explains to Prachi that when Palak called her, she said Ranbir is also here, but she did not want to hurt Palak. She offers to leave and silently thinks Prachi’s heart beats only for Ranbir, she will never go. Prachi says atleast someone else get her love. Shahana goes outside. Prachi makes a call. A servant finds Rhea’s phone ringing in the room. He thinks even Meera was finding Rhea. A waiter says Rhea went towards storeroom. The servant goes to give Rhea her phone.

Prachi wonders why Rhea did not pick up her call. She decides to call Pragya.

Alia brings divorce papers of Pragya and gives it to police inspector. Pragya was shocked to read the papers. Alia says these are fifteen years old papers, and Pragya is no more her brother’s wife. Pragya claims the papers to be fake. Abhi takes the papers and asks Alia how it is possible, there was never a divorce deed between them. He also reads the papers which were real. Abhi asks Pragya if she signed the papers? Pragya insists these are fake. Alia reminds Pragya the time they met in Hoshiyarpur outside police station.

In a flashback, Pragya was finding her daughter. She had shown a paper to inspector and convinced her to write a complaint for Prachi’s kidnap. At that time, she came there. Pragya inquired about Rhea. Alia showed Prachi’s video with kidnapper. She said she was taking Prachi home to live with Rhea. Pragya pleaded on Alia to leave Prachi. Alia took Pragya’s signatures on the papers saying these were property papers. Alia returned Prachi to Pragya and left. In the car, Alia thought these were divorce papers which claims if she stays away from their property and Abhi, these papers cannot be challenged.

Alia explains to Abhi that when Pragya left him he used to drink alcohol. In his contemplation he once gave her the divorce papers to get them signed. She met Pragya outside Hoshiyarpur police station where a case was running, and Pragya had no money. Pragya denies but Alia continues that she told Pragya these were divorce papers. Pragya had said her marriage to Abhi means nothing anymore. Alia says Pragya demanded property papers in return of divorce papers, but Alia gave her fake property papers. Abhi was saddened and asks if Pragya signed divorce papers. She cries and denies. Alia continues her blames. Pragya thinks if Abhi cannot trust her she might not even live. Abhi says he was always mistaken, he felt there was still love between them but if the relation isn’t no more, what love. Alia blames that Pragya only wants property of Abhi, this divorce is legal and so is Abhi’s wedding. Abhi tells Pragya neither her, nor police can stop this marriage. The inspector leaves. Pragya asserts these are fake papers planned by Alia.

Abhi sits on Mandap to marry Meera. Pragya breaks the Mandap in an attempt to spoil the marriage. She challenges Abhi to marry now. She will not let it happen. Abhi asserts he will still marry. Pragya says though not legally, but she is religiously his wife. Abhi says now this wedding will take place in the temple.

Rhea cried in the storeroom. The servant finds the room loked from outside and unlocks it. He gives Rhea her phone. Rhea thinks she will now see how Abhi marries Meera. She will now show Alia her right plan, and even reveal about Alia’s planning with Sanjay on Dasehra.

Aaryan finds a Pandit ji. He offers business to Pandit ji and requests him to come along. Pandit ji says he does cremations not marriages. Aaryan did not understand. He requests Pandit ji to come along and help. Pandit ji insists that he cannot read marriage mantra. Aaryan grabs Pandit ji by neck, and twists his arm. Pandit ji was convinced.

Alia takes Raj aside. She tells Raj not to tell Dadi about Abhi and Meera’s wedding.

Pragya was determined not to let Abhi marry even in temple. Abhi asks when was it a sin to desire for a wife. He thinks Pragya is both, his desire and his wife.

PRECAP: Alia asks Pragya if she can prove Abhi is still her husband. Abhi tells Alia to stay out of it, this is his and Pragya’s matter. If anyone has a right to interfere, it is Meera.

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Written Update Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2021

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