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Written Update Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th February 2021

The Episode starts with Vansh leaving in the car. Kabir says all the best Vansh, you will need it today. Vansh reaches some place and sees the bodyguards. He meets Chang. Chang says it doesn’t please me to meet you, but I break my rules for business. Vansh says strange, our thinking and dislikes match a lot. Chang says lets begin. Chang asks for the diamonds. Vansh asks for the cash. Chang shows the cash. Vansh opens the guitar cover.

Riddhima goes to the window. She says I feel restless, I will get peace once Vansh comes back. She sees his gift and its lovely, Vansh’s choice is nice, I will get ready while I wait for Vansh. She smiles seeing the saree. Vansh shows the diamonds and says I didn’t permit you to touch it. Chang asks May I. He checks the diamonds and says its fake. Vansh says you wasted my time. Riddhima gets ready and fills sindoor. She recalls the bad omen. Vansh checks the diamonds and thinks how can this happen, where are the real diamonds. Chang scolds him. Vansh says you know my reputation, its some mistake. Chang says you want to sell me fake diamonds, your intention is bad. Vansh punches him and says mind your tongue, I don’t like to get cheated or cheat. Chang aims the gun at him. Riddhima’s bangle breaks. She gets tensed and calls Vansh.

She says why is his phone unreachable. She prays for Vansh. Vansh and Chang shoot at each other. Riddhima says I should go to Vansh. Her foot bleeds. She leaves. Dadi asks where are you going. Everyone comes to see. Angre follows Riddhima. He stops her. She asks him to leave her. She says my heart says Vansh is in some problem. He says leave that on me, its Vansh’s orders, you can’t go out, trust me, he has faced bigger problems, don’t go out until he comes out. She asks why didn’t you go with him. He says he asked me not to come. She says he is your family, how did you let him go, leave me Angre, I m his wife, you can’t stop me. Chang shouts VR…. Kabir comes there and says good bye… He also aims at Vansh and shoots…. Blood falls over Vansh’s face. Riddhima shouts Vansh. Vansh checks himself. Chang gets shot on his arm. Vansh gets shocked. He sees Kabir there.

Kabir says its time for some action, we will talk later. Vansh says I don’t need you, I can handle this alone. Vansh and Kabir shoot the men. Kabir says everyone needs everyone, I m your brother, be it a stepbrother. Chang asks his men to kill both of them. Riddhima goes to pray for Vansh. She says nothing should happen to Vansh. Dadi says he is my tiger, nothing can happen to him, have some patience. Ishani says don’t overreact, nothing will happen to him. Aryan says yes, we didn’t see him losing. Ishani says he has cheated death and came back, why are you scared by this business meeting. Riddhima says I really feel that he is in some problem, why is his phone unreachable. Chang shouts get me out of here. He goes out and smiles. Kabir and Vansh figh the men. Chang shouts execute plan B. Vansh asks what is plan B. Kabir says no. Chang says you think I didn’t get prepared for any cheat, Vansh, I planned a dangerous death for you and your well wisher, this house will blast in some time, people should know what happens if anyone cheats Chang, good luck VR. He blasts the house. Vansh and Kabir get trapped in the fire.

Chang shoots at Vansh’s leg. He says you can’t run out now. The men shut the door. Aryan says Riddhima is right, Vansh’s phone is unreachable. Siya says we will keep patience. The diya flame burns the cloth. Vansh sees an iron pillar rod falling over him. Everyone sees the fire spreading. Riddhima says fire in the temple, it means something bad happened with Vansh. Aryan and Angre blow off the fire. Riddhima faints. Dadi sprinkles water on her face. Riddhima gets conscious and asks where is Vansh. Siya says he didn’t come yet. Riddhima asks Angre to go and find Vansh. It gets stormy. The lights flicker. Dadi says it won’t be right to go out at this time, Vansh will come. Riddhima says I worry for Vansh’s life, I m going to save him. Kabir gets Vansh home. Riddhima and everyone get shocked seeing Vansh injured.

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Written Update Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th February 2021

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