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Written Update Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th February 2021

The Episode starts with Riddhima coming to Vansh. She acts like Vansh. Vansh smiles. She starts imitating him. He removes his shirt. He asks what happened, won’t you copy me now. She turns to go. He stops her. He says Riddhima is other name for love for me, its written on my heart. She says then can’t you write another name on your heart, please… I won’t let you go, you didn’t tell me the reason, why can’t you love the baby. He says I don’t want to talk about it. She says its okay, I will not lose, I will keep the promise. She goes to the washroom. She sits applying nail polish. Someone comes there with a knife. She asks who is there. She doesn’t see anyone. She says I had shut the bathroom door, or not. She checks and says maybe the bottle fell by mistake. Servant calls out and says Dadi has sent me for room cleaning. She says come later.

Siya brings Vansh and Riddhima for a surprise. She asks them to open their eyes. Riddhima smiles seeing the crib. She hugs Siya and thanks her. Riddhima shows a toy baby. She says its for new couples who are becoming parents for the first time, Vansh and I can practice care with this. Siya says good. She goes. Vansh says you think you can create father’s feelings in me by doing all this, don’t try, its not going to work on me. She gives him the toy in hand. He recalls the lady’s curse. He goes. Riddhima says I will teach him everything. She sleeps. She wakes up by some sound. She hears someone singing La la la…. She goes to check. She doesn’t see the crib in the room. She shuts the main door. She sees the crib. She gets shocked seeing the broken toy. She cries and says who can do this, I will tell Vansh, he will find out who did this, I can’t tell him, he thinks our lives are always in danger, he will say we won’t bring this baby in the world, I will find out who did this worst thing. She turns and sees someone’s shadow.

She goes and sees Angre. He asks you here. She asks what are you doing here. He says I was awake, I heard some lullaby tune and came to see, did you hear the same. She thinks if I tell him the truth, then he will tell Vansh. He says even I wasn’t getting sleep, any way good night. She thinks something is wrong, don’t know who is doing this and why. Its morning, Riddhima calls Vansh and says you know we had to go for sonography today. He stops the car. She says your baby is stubborn like you, he is troubling me, I had three vomits at night. He says you go there,I will come. She says with scolding, love and emotional torture, I will convince Vansh, he will be the best dad for the baby. Someone follows her. Vansh says I don’t want to come for sonography, I hate it, I don’t have the baby’s place in my world, we were happy together, what was the need for this, this pregnancy and baby are imp for you but I can’t do this, I love you a lot Riddhima, but I can’t become a father. He gets her message.

He calls Angre and says I will be there for the meeting. He thinks of his childhood. He starts sweating. Riddhima’s bag falls. She sits and picks the belongings. Someone makes the vehicle reach her. The van has sharp iron rods pointed towards Riddhima. Vansh recalls Riddhima’s words. Riddhima gets shocked seeing the danger. Vansh doesn’t see the auto in front of his car. Riddhima gets aside. The rods strike a tree. She asks baby not to worry, she won’t let anything happen to him. Vansh sees the auto and turns the car aside. He stops the car and takes a breath. Riddhima thanks Bappa for saving her from the accident. She says where is Vansh. The person looks on and gets angry. Vansh gets out of the car. His hands shiver. He says go way, leave me away, why is this happening with me.

Precap will be added later

Update Credit to: Amena

Written Update Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th February 2021

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