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Written Update Indiawaali Maa 6th January 2021

Cheenu hugs Hasmukh and cries requesting him not to leave her. She can’t understand why Rohan doesn’t realize how amazing his parents are; she was always deprived of good parents. Hasmukh kiss her head and promises that her blessings will always be with him.

Rohan comes home. Kaku questions why Rohan spoke to his father like this. He is really hurt. Rohan must apologize. Rohan thinks about Hasmukh being credited for the success of his show. He walks inside silently.

The next morning, Cheenu waited for Rohan. He tells her that Mr. Singh called, it seems he has a good news for them. Cheenu speaks to Rohan that his father is leaving, he is really sad.

In the meeting, Mr. Singh congratulates Rohan and Cheenu for success of their project. He requests them some more designs, and promises another project for them. Rohan says yes at once. Mr. Singh asks about Rohan’s assistant Batuklal, and Cheenu’s chief designer Kaushalia. If they can work without them. Cheenu says no, they can’t work without their team. They will bring them back. Rohan and Cheenu argue. Mr. Singh lends them time to discuss the matter. They will sign the contract later.

Hasmukh comes to Kaku and tells her to pack her bags. Kaku convinces Hasmukh that Rohan did all this in anger. She will speak to him. Hasmukh announces he is leaving, Kaku can decide what she has to do.

In the office, Cheenu turns to leave. Rohan holds her hand and asks if he wants to lose the project. Cheenu replies, for her only relationships are important. Rohan reminds how she had walked out of her relations, him and her family. He cannot afford to lose the project. Cheenu tells him to bring Kaushalia and Hasmukh in project, it will not be lost.
Kaku brings tea for Hasmukh. She convinces Hasmukh that they cannot leave Rohan alone like this, otherwise it will turn to be a lifelong matter. They cannot bear this. She recalls when he had taught Rohan to shave his beard. And when he did this first time, they were on seventh sky. They, as parents were born when Rohan was born. They cannot live without him for whole of their lives. Still, he will have to repent for what he did.

Meenu comes to Sagar and tells him about the problem between Rohan and his parents. Sagar says this is good news. Rohan came closer to Cheenu only because of Kaku, it is good he has problems with them.

Rohan repays his debt cheque. He happily turns to call Kaku, but was then stopped. Meenu comes to office and finds him making coffee. She helps him with sugar and discusses his problem. She says she is also a loser, her family does not like her. Rohan was saddened that it seems he is all alone. Meenu says there are multiple stories around where successful people achieves everything on their own. Cheenu also degrades her every time. She says it is time Rohan has to take a stand on his own, he is not dependent on anyone and does not need to prove himself to anyone. Cheenu comes to Rohan and says she has a meeting, she hopes when she returns Rohan has taken the correct decision to resolve things.
Rohan sits for work. He gets Kaku’s call. Kaku says she has been waiting for him for long. He must apologize his father. He has hurt him. Firstly, he does not deserve a forgiveness still she hopes he will come to ask for his forgiveness. She agrees they were mistaken not to tell him about Hasmukh being in Bangalore. But they felt it was right for him then. Rohan does not respond on phone. Kaku assures Hasmukh Rohan will be here in half an hour.

PRECAP: Kaku and Hasmukh come to office. Rohan gives Hasmukh a cheque to compensate for his fatherhood.

Update Credit to: Sona

Written Update Indiawaali Maa 6th January 2021

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