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Written Update Imlie 6th January 2021

Tripathi family discusses who will stay with Imlie in hospital. Dhruv says he has to attend office today. Nidhi says even she has to. Malini says she will stay back. Anu asks how can as she has paghphera ritual today. Malini says she will perform it after 2 days. Dev backs her and says let Imlie get well and rest at home, then they will perform paghphera rital. Anu asks Aditya not to forget Malini for Imlie and reminds that her daughter donated blood and hopes someone takes care of her. Adi says Malini will not stay here alone as he will be with her to take care of her. Anu leaves with Dhruv. Aparna asks Malini if she is sure she wants to stay back. Malini says yes and asks not to worry as Aditya is with her. Family leaves. Adi tells Malini that her mother will always taunt him even if he prints her photo in front page. She asks to stop joking about her mother. Imlie doesn’t see family around and asks Sundar where is family. He jokes and says they went home as they have other work to do. Their nok jhok starts. He feels guilty reminiscing occupying her bed, because of which she went slept outside and got ill. He apologizes her. She is surprised and asks reason. He reminds her occupying her bed. She yells at him. He walks away taunting her again.

Aditya feeds fruits and juice to Malini in canteen and asks her to take empty glass’ pic and send it to her mom to show that he takes care of her. She asks to stop joking and says they should go and check on Imlie and apologize her as she fell ill because they didn’t let her sleep in their room. Adi agrees and they both reach Imlie’s hospital room and don’t find her there. Malini checks washroom and says she is not even there. They both then start searching Imlie in whole hospital. Imlie walks in lawn murmuring that nobody is with her. She sees a nurse trying to feed an old lady, but lady insists that she will not have food until her son comes. She asks nurse why don’t she call her son. Nurse informs that lady lost her memory and her son and DIL dropped her 3 years ago and never returned, though they send money every month in bank account; now she has to either inform truth to old lady or put her on IV drip. Imlie says there is a way to feed her, runs holding lady’s wheel chair and says she is her son’s childhood friend Imlie. Lady asks if she is Mayank’s friend. Imlie asks to remember that she and Mayank used to climb guava tree and have apple. Lady asks how. Imlie says they used to carry apple along. Lady starts reminiscing her son’s childhood memories. Imlie silently feeds her food while chatting. Aditya with Malini sees Imlie and scolds her for getting out of room, asks Malini if she wants him to apologize Imlie now. He asks nurse to forgive Imlie’s mistakes and scolds Imlie to get back to her room. Lady thinks Adi is Mayank and asks if he came for her. Adi stands confused. Imlie calls him Manku and says he had to come as his mother was remembering him a lot, requests him to act as lady’s son. Malini smirks and even she insists. Imlie makes them touch lady’s feet. Lady insists to have food with Adi. Adi feeds her chatting, lady asks her to vist often. Adi promises, and Malini asks her to never skip food. Lady agrees. Imlie calls him Manku again. Malini tells Adi that Imlie thinks of only others, so he should be kind to her from hereon. He agrees. She jokes that she will nick him Manku from hereon.

Anu while returning home with Dev tells that that 18-year-old Imlie came from Pagdandiya and her blood group matches his blood group, if this is a coincidence. He says yes and says good that small girl is fine now and warns her to stop doubting him. Anu thinks there is definitely some connection between Dev and Imlie.

Adi and Malini bring Imlie back home. Family welcomes her and starts chatting. Adi’s boss calls him and informs that Satyakam coming to Delhi is not a small news, so he should cover it. Adi agrees. He walks to his room and seeing someone sleeping on bed covering blanket on thinks Moon got tired and is resting. He hugs her from behind and chat. Imlie under blanket gets nervous hearing him. Malini returns and seeing that calls Adi. Adi panics and jumping out of bed asks who is on bed if she is here. He forcefully pulls out blanket and asks what is Imlie doing on their bed. Malini says this is not their room, so they can shift to their room now and let Imlie rest here until she gets well. Adi orders Imlie to get out right now. Malini says she needs to take medicine. Adi asks Imlie to take medicine and go. Imlie walks out reminiscing Adi hugging her from behind and feeling warmth thinks if she has fever, why is she feeling hot. She asks Aparna if she is having fever. Aparna worried asks if she is fine. Imlie thinks when Aparna touched her, nothing happened, then why she felt hot with Adi’s touch.

Precap: Imlie tells Malini that college is not in her fate. Malini says she needs just a bus ticket to go to college and not fate, they get what they decide and try for. Imlie emotionally says her fate gave her a tight slap that has to live with it forever.

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Written Update Imlie 6th January 2021

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