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Written Update Imlie 25th February 2021

Aditya tries to wake up Malini reminding her that she has college trip to Meerut. Malini says she needs to visit Prithamgarh Fort on the way to Meerut, so she is not needed there. She says even he is off today, so they can enjoy a movie together. He says he has office renovation and hence will work from home. He forces sends her to get ready. After sometime, Imlie enters room to clean it reminiscing entering it with Adi in a graha pravesh style and seeing Adi working asks him to go and work in office and not at home. He continues working and seeing her excitedly looking at books thinks she needs to hold books and not broom, so he asks Imlie to go out and let Sundar work. She asks if Sundar is dearer to him than her and starts her usual blabbering, says her work is important than him as she is doing swacha Bharath Abhiyan. He continues working. She starts singing loudly while cleaning. He asks her to stop singing as he is getting disturbed. She insists him to sing and teaches him. He tries. She says he needs to sing in rhythm. He tries and laughs singing along her.

Editor calls him and informs that a bridge collapsed at highway in which a college bus is caught, he got a tip that a big bribe was involved to construct the bridge, so he should go and investigate. Adi asks about location. Editor says a bridge near Prithamgarh Fort and City College students are trapped. Adi gets concerned for Malini. Aaprna calls Adi down. He rushes down and sees family watching news about accident. Aparna nervously asks if Malini went to same place. Adi says yes. Nishant also rushes in nervously and informs about accident. Taiji asks Adi to call Malini. Adi says her phone is not reachable. Taiji asks to call her friends then. Adi says he doesn’t know then. Aparna asks how can he not know about her friends and gets more worried for Malini. Imlie asks him to call emergency number flashing on TV screen. He calls number and enquires about Malini. Inspector informs that Malini’s name is in missing list and she is not yet found, so she may be stuck under collapsed bridge. Adi picks his bag and says he is going to reach the spot and expose culprits because of whom bridge collapsed. He rushes to his bike when Imlie walks to him and insists to take her along. He orders her to go in. She says he was concerned when she was shot. She continues that if Malini is injured by chance, she may need her blood and she won’t be able to forgive herself if something happens to Malini. Adi agrees and takes her along.

Anu over phone requests Aparna to inform her immediately if she finds any news about Malini. Aparna agrees and says they are all with her. Anu feels guilty for fighting with her daughter and says she won’t be able to forgive herself if something happens to her daughter. Aparna consoles her. Dev angrily speaks to principal and asks him to find out about Malini. Anu asks what did principal say. Dev says principal doesn’t know anything; he will sue principal, builders, and everyone involved; how can bridge collapse easily, Malini is stuck under it. Anu cries that she is very afraid and asks him to be brave as Malini is brave like him and if he gets weak, who will handle her and Daadi. Dev asks her to calm down. She continues crying worried for Malini.

Adi with Imlie reaches accident spot and questions about Malini. A students identifies him and says Malini had brought students on bridge when it started to crack and collapse. Another student says Malini madam rescued many students and sent them to a safe spot, but a a piece of bridge pillar fell on her and they don’t know if she is alive or not. Adi with Imlie meets a constable and showing his ID card asks if he has survivor’s list. Constable says not yet. Imlie vents out her anger on him. Adi stops her and clicks pic. Imlie asks how can he click pics not worried for Malini. He says he has to fulfill his duty. At home, Aparna prays god to protect her daughter. Family hears news that still many people are stuck and rescue operations are on. Adi reaches under collapsed bridge and helps rescue team rescue a man. He then finds Malini’s purse nearby and a woman’s dead body under a broken pillar. Malini’s photo falls down at home. Aparna picks it back and gets mor worried. Adi walks near woman’s dead body and after clearing debris from it shatters seeing the face.

Precap: Devi shatters seeing a woman’s dead body wearing clothes similar to Malini.

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Written Update Imlie 25th February 2021

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